Releasing some steam with crypto peeps

in cryptoparty •  4 months ago


ok, it’s not that dramatic but I needed to release some crypto downturn tension. So, I met with a few friends for wings and beers. Well, I really wished for some female crypto friend(s) but these guys will have to do.

Here’s my peeps and our slushy/icy mai-tais and a lot of talks about everything else but cryptos. I kinda really liked that. Anyways, here’s a few cryptos lovers in Honolulu....




That slushy mai-tai with gold and dark rum was the perfect drink. We had such a great time but not all moments should be shared but treasured.

Thank you for visiting my page. And as always, until we meet again, have a splendid time!


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It Looks like FUN @islandliving ...............Just keep doing what you do !


thank u! we had a blast and shall continue next week! Aloha!