Wings Platform --DAO Innovator

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wing Wings Platform is a third generation blockchain technology crypto-token creation for decentralized application organization or DAO.

With the recent influx of crypto-currencies ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) many digital asset enthusiasts have their hands full . These innovators are on the right track developing applications through the benefit of the Internet by using the blockchain technology. The web has the mass audience/investors all over the world. A wider coverage to attract and for faster transactions to execute.
The so called DAO (Decentralized Application Organization) and Dapps (Decentralized Applications) are the main features for developing the 3rd generation of digital assets. With its autonomous nature, no one can have a control over such entity. No single point of failure. There are major players that will revolutionize the process of banking,
housing, voting, music, and others that can make our lives easier and more productive.
As blockchain technology is now playing important role for establishing different DAO platforms, then comes Wings DAO platform. Perhaps, this is the best time to make Wings platform for an ICO. With bitcoin, the first generation blockchain killer app, halving in the middle of July. Expect a lot of financial institutions who will seek opportunities to invest into a new digital asset which may take a notch higher or more. Wings is a decentralized platform that will develop different type of DAO in an easier way. Tools that are essential to develop robust applications in a minimal time and effort. Developing smart contracts will be easy and crypto-token creation for a DAO will be a breeze once Wings platform rolls out. One thing that Wing DAO platform has a cut above the rest is once you have stake in Wings, you can also have stakes in applications developed in Wings platform . A polymorphic digital asset, how cool is that.
Just imagine one's wing asset can have several more assets as long as those applications are being developed in Wings platform .
Leading the Wings DAO platform is ChainLab's CEO Sebastian Stupurac, a visionary entrepreneur who believes in Crypto and blockchain technologies can make vast advantages in a connected world.
With its funding partner Bitmain, a leading ASIC-machines that mine bitcoin and other Proof-of-Work algorithm crypto currencies, both are confident in developing Wings platform . With this partnership, Stupurac quoted “Bitmain showed great interest in the team, thus placing their trust in the identified human potential and experience behind ChainLab. The seed investment in the company followed soon after and it has played an important role in our evolution.”
For a wise entrepreneur and investor , surely it will be a goldmine to invest on Wings platform. Currently developers are finalizing the ICO procedures and has tapped Etherium for “incubation” of its “Egg” that would eventually becomes Wings token. Spare those bitcoins and participate at Bitcointalk thread to share your thoughts and suggestions. Bounties and other relevant posts await. For the whole month of June, its going to be a faster phase in Wings community. As they prepare to host the initial coin offering, collection of funds and giving bounties as incentives for early enthusiasts. Please visit for more information on its initial coin offering.


It's quite funny that recently there is a growing trend to offer platforms on which one can easily build their own DAO/Dapp but nobody seems to have a good idea for a worthwhile DAO/Dapp.

Let's build a platform for smart contracts. But what kind of smart contracts can we have? It does not matter, let's just build a platform.

The platform itself is a good idea. Maybe you can't seem to take a good grasp of what is in store for DAO/DaPPs or even the 2nd Generation DAC if you may.

I bought some wing coins i have a few more I like to thanks