LIVE MASSIVE NEWS - Bitcoin SMASHES Into 45,000 On Elon Musk News & MUCH More!!

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β–Ί 0:00 - Intro
β–Ί 1:52 - "Knowing Elon Has More BTC Than Me, In One Day" -
β–Ί 2:32 - Volumes Are INSANE Today
β–Ί 3:40 - Market Overview
β–Ί 7:23 - Tesla Put 1.5 Billion Dollars In BTC On Treasury Balance Sheet
β–Ί 11:08 - At Least 6% Of All BTC Is Already On Company Balance Sheets
β–Ί 12:40 - BTC Surpasses Tesla's Marketcap (#6 Out Of All Major Company Marketcaps)
β–Ί 14:27 - Ex-OCC Chief Brooks Calls Tesla’s Bitcoin Buy a Bit β€˜Scary’ for Rest of World
β–Ί 15:41 - CME ETH Futures Successfully Launch, Yet Price Did Not Waver!
β–Ί 16:45 - Which Crypto Will Institutional Investors Be Buying, After BTC?
β–Ί 17:59 - Why Tesla Will Never Buy ETH
β–Ί 18:11 - Peter Schiff Thought Elon Was Not "Dumb Enough" To Buy Bitcoin LOL
β–Ί 20:14 - ETF Hype
β–Ί 21:42 - Answering "What Is My Favorite Exchange
β–Ί 22:55 - Binance Shooken By INSANE Volume ATH Today
β–Ί 24:03 - ETH 1 & ETH 2 Are Both Potentially Worth Trillions β–Ί
β–Ί 25:09 - Kraken Experiences Downtime, Possibly Leading To Temporary Halt In User Onboarding
β–Ί 26:45 - Visa Partners With Ethereum Company 'Circle' To Integrate USDC EVERYWHERE
β–Ί 31:54 - Total Value Locked In DeFi Nears $50 Billion
β–Ί 32:09 - DeFi Marketcaps Are Nothing, Compared To Some Companies
β–Ί 32:53 - St. Louis Federal Reserve "Decentralized Finance: On Blockchain- and Smart Contract-Based Financial Markets"
β–Ί 37:30 - Tornado Cash Offers Privacy / Releases 'TORN' Token
β–Ί 42:45 - Check If Your Ethereum Address Is Due Any Claimable Tokens
β–Ί 44:31 - Wall Street Shifts Focus From Blockchain Infrastructure to Crypto Assets
β–Ί 48:12 - "Miami is now drafting a resolution to put BTC on their public balance sheet"
β–Ί 49:56 - Closing Thoughts / Quote of the Day!
β–Ί 51:18 - Funny Video

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Funny.. the electric car company will be accepting the undisputable worst environmental offender as a form of payment for their products..I love it though, cant wait to see where this goes!, Ha ha go Elon!