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Experty ICO Hacked- More Than $150,000 Stolen

in cryptonews •  2 years ago 

yes your are right. this is the email that i got in my mail box. And check it came from an email address [email protected]

Experty ICO [email protected]

27 Jan (3 days ago)

to me



Our ICO has been active for 36 hours and so far has gone AMAZING! Now we want to announce a few changes in our pre-ICO sale and give you a chance to get in.

Because you have PoC Partner level of Tier 3 we will give you 300% BONUS tokens in the next 12 hours and we have removed the Eth hard cap per user for Tier 1 and above meaning you qualify!

Remember that you pledged to contribute at least 0.30 ETH when you registered but if you contribute any new Ethereum in the next 12 hours we will give you 200% more Experty Tokens.

Our Ethereum ICO address is:



Want to utilize Bitcoin instead? Use the following deposit address:


The pre-ico sale will close upon reaching the NEW cap of 15,000 Ethereum

Kindest regards,

The Team

This message was sent by BitcoinSuisse on behalf of the team.

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