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In order to follow all the news at the same time,
Have you ever imagined that you would get to know all the news at once in one application? , This is what we would like to present you today it's : CryptoMood

It is a wealth in the world of digital currencies, for accurate and vivid follow-up of all digital currency news,
The application will have several sources to collect news from famous news sites. Not only will this also enable you to follow currency analysis and follow-up on the operations of the top market, all through one application in your hands

CryptoMood is cryptocurrency news aggregator powered by artificial intelligence and advanced text processing algorithms, processes data from 50,000+ news sources, 4 social media networks and over 100 crypto trading blogs.

The application is divided into four sections

MarketImpact analysis
An unique analysis of all the most important news from news sites and crypto blogs.

Social networks sentiment
See what other traders think about current crypto market

Whale wallet movements
Transactions on the largest wallets and large tether emissions

Quick daily overview
Aggregation of all the most important news from social media and crypto blogs on a single screen.

Always new projects need partnerships to support them and therefore there is a strong partnership with:

Blockchain Community
Crowdholding supports Cryptomood with community engagement, crowd wisdom and crowd marketing campaigns. They have already helped over 50 businesses grow their community and now they will help us.

PR Agency
TsarPR is a fintech PR agency that has worked with several recognizable companies in the crypto industry. The agency only promotes the best innovations in finance technology and Cryptomood was selected.

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