How is the Cryptomission Rewards arranged?

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The @cryptomission provided a 100 STEEM prize for each mission as a launching event. So players can get the prize money if they complete the mission. However, in the long run, @cryptomission can't offer a prize if it doesn't make a profit. @cryptomission will arrange the prize money using the methods below.

1. Players' Failure Costs

In mission, some players challenge and fail to complete 100% of the mission. In this case, the amount equivalent to the failure rate of the entry fee will be used as a source of the prize money. For example, three people (AAA,BBB,CCC) participated in the mission below.

AccountSuccess rateParticipant fee/refundReward
CCC100%1 STEEM / 1 STEEM96.000 STEEM

One in three (AAA) has a mission success rate of 0%. All Steem paid by AAA as a participation fee will be used as prize money. BBB paid 10 Steem for participation and achieved 33%. BBB receives only 33% of the participation fee and the remaining 66% is used as a resource for the compensation. CCC achieves 100% and gets 100% of the entry fee back and gets prizes.

  • Accumulated prize money = 100 + 6.666 = 106.666

  • Prize money for this mission = 106.666 * 0.9 = 96

10% of collected reward pool for AAA and BBB's failure costs will be used as prize money and operating expenses for the next mission, while the remaining 90% will be used as actual prize money.

Real-time estimated prize money and competitors can be found on the app. You can check it while you verify mission on the app.


2. Author Rewards

The @cryptomission account regularly posts the mission details, news, mission announcements, and distribution results. The author reward for this post is used for prize money and operating expenses.

3. STEEM Beneficiary from player's posting of mission verification

@cryptomission provides the function to write a steem posting when authenticating a mission. This function is optional. You can get the prize money without sharing it with Steem Blockchain. If you share it with Steem, you can also receive an additional Up-voting.

We applied the beneficiary setting. It allows players to give parts of the author reward share to @cryptomission. We will get 10% of author rewards. We have a plan to use the reward for next prize money and operating expenses.

So far, we are planning to raise the prize money for the mission in the three ways mentioned above. The above strategies may change as we are operating. But, we try to make it sustainable and win-win.

Besides these plans, there are many other plans in place. We will apply it one by one to secure a solid profit model and financial resources for the prize money.

We usually register new missions on Monday and Wednesday. Please check missions early and join it. Thank you.
Introduction posting :

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This posting's author reward is used as a prize for next missions.


Is there this APP for iOS?

Hi, not yet supported.😂

We are preparing iOS app.
Once we release it, let you know. Thank you!

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