Cryptomission, Starting beta service now.

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A Best way to achieve your goals is to bet your money.

How difficult to keep good habit you know. It is dfficult to keep it. As time goes by, your mind will weaken. We are ready to help you!!

What about betting your STEEM into the missions you want to achieve? Bet for promising yourself. You must complete mission if you do not want to loose it.



Cryptomission is designed to create good habits through the compensation system of STEEM block chain and help these habits develop into potential daily behaviors to improve the quality of life.

The compensation policy is one of the useful policies to induce strong motivation and goal-oriented behavior. Participants in the Cryptomission perform missions, form good habits, and are rewarded if they succeed in the mission. The proportion of the individual participation fee of the total amount of the failed participants is calculated and the amount is distributed as compensation.

You can participate in the mission by depositing Steem, and at the same time as the mission certificate is automatically posted on Steem Bclockchain for additional upvoting. Through continuous partnership with other Dapps, cryptomission plans to maximize participants' profits and expand the service to participate in various crypto currencies, including TRON.


How to participate

1. Download Cryptomission app from google play.

Android download link

2. If you wish to participate, select the desired mission from the mission list.
3. Select a mission and send the desired participation fee (Steem).

@futureshock team forked steemconnect and made Steemlogin. It is steem third party steem signer app. Cryptomission integrate steemlogin for sending participation fee. We do not access the private key separately.

4. When transaction is confirmed in steem blockchain, the application for participation is completed.


5. Mission certification is carried out through the transmission of the photo according to the mission information and guidance.
6. Prize money is distributed at the end of mission.

If there is no problem in verifying the suitability of the certification and the mission is completed perfectly, the deposit of the mission failures and the stake of the participant shall be calculated and the compensation executed.


Enjoy New Challenge and getting better future.

Currently, there are 4 mission challenges. Each mission has 100 steem of prize money. Please join it and get the prize money. If you have a questions or some problem, comment it.

Android download link

iOS app will also be released in September.

We run first even it is not ready good enough because we believe that nothing will be happened if we worry only too much about adventure.

Cheers everybody and friends,

p.s. This posting's author reward is used as a prize for next missions.


Thanks for your comment.
Cryptomission is like the mission game.
you can participate in mission paying Steem.
if someone fail to complete mission, the fee will be put in the total reward for mission successors.
if you complete mission you will get the reward by your share of total successors fee amount.

You can try to download cryptomission app and feed back any comment to improve.
Or you can read our whitepaper on


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