Ethereum GPU rig that cost me €2.600,-- to build costs €5,-- electricity per day and has revenue €24,-- per day. Is that a business?

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- 6pcs AMD RX 480 

- 1pc Asus Prime H270 Plus

- Windows 10 64bit

Problem: GPU0 underperforming

We are running following CPU & GPU Mining Setup:

  • ASUS Prime H270 Plus
  • 6x AMD RX 480 8G (MSI)
  • Windows 10 64bit

GP0 is generally running at 20% of GPU1 - GPU5 regardless of what miner is being run. Regardless of switching cables. It is not coming from a specific GPU or specific PCI slot.Solution:

  1. Check that you have the latest BIOS version, we flashed the mobo with version 611. Careful, we first downloaded this version from the Asus site and the mobo couldnt read it. Then we downloaded it from the international site. Hit default settings first. Then change 3 settings in BIOS according to
  2. Download the new chipset drivers and install.
  3. Make sure you have latest Windows 10 version.
  4. We are using AMD Radeon Driver 16.6 this is a somewhat older driver, we had trouble with 17.XX
  5. Make sure to have the GPU with the Display connected to it hooked to the first PCIx16. All other GPUs must be fitted to the remaining 4 slots PCIx1 and PCIx16
  6. When you do your mobo BIOS settings make sure you are only hooked up via GPU to the first PCIx16 only, flash the version 0611 BIOS (only download it from the international main website and store it on a usb stick. Then boot. Install all the windows updates, then chipset updates, then AMD driver. Then shutdown. Add one GPU at a time and shut down. After all GPUs have been hooked up your system should be running.
  7. Do not Install MSI Afterburner 4.3.0, this is to our mind the main reason why we have had issues with GP0 not performing, there are some interactions and presets coming from this software that is corrupting GP0. We verified this. Each time Afterburner was installed we had the issue, after deinstalling and keeping to the above recipe we were fine. Unfortunatelz you will have to find another way to overclock and tune your GPUs.

Check my notes here:

Your good friend - Yegor Orlow


Yes, I believe you can include it as a business expense on your taxes if that is what you are asking. I think you can include your internet as well. That is what my accountant told me, but I would double check with your own just to be sure.

In Germany the BAFIN are telling me I am not allowed to offer mining services since the source of crypto needs to be BAFIN approved - idiots. Crypto is a monster come out of the box and nobody is going to get it back in - governments globally have no way to handle all the related taxation issues, unless...

mining is a no brainer atm, ive just got my old rig back together.
currently mining zec with 2 x r9 280x's and a r9 290. and getting $238.33 per month profit.
I would mine eth but the 280x's are not getting a good rate after the last dag.
aiming to get some more r9 290's tho for a eth rig

Im getting around $230 with two 980ti's in zec.

$230,--? Per what unit of time? Thanks for commenting.

A month, and it was up to around 300. Not sure what it is right now.

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