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Which direction does crypto choose for the future? Are we going to expand or shrink? According to Daniel Masters, the man who used to be the head of the 'global energy trading desk' at JP Morgan, only one evolution is possible. According to him, the crypto market is going to be even bigger than we have seen before.

Masters is now chairman of the digital investment bank Coinshares and chief investment officer at Global Advisors. In an interview with Bloomberg, he explained how distributed ledger technology will give more control in the hands of the people on arranging their own mutual transactions.

That’s at the core of what makes this a revolution

Market value

The way Masters sees the world has never been a 'fight to death between crypto and the old financial system'. Instead, he says that it concerns what part of the total financial ecosystem is accrued to cryptocurrencies. He thinks that if crypto accounts for only 5 percent of that system, the market will still be much larger than it is today.

Masters manages more than $ 800 million in assets for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and Monero, as well as smaller coins and ICOs. They are very cautious about the latter, because there is a screening process that allows only 3 percent of small-scale ICOs to pass through their filter. All the rest are 'exposed' by them and are then labeled as 'scam'.

Masters recently quoted bitcoin as the 2018 opportunity before the crypto market reversed mid-April. If he's right, the cryptocurrency market can make his absolution peak of $ 820 billion market value fade this year or early next year.




If you have previously read my articles, you know that I am a true cryptocurrency believer and still see massive growing potential. I am very satisfied to see cryptocurrencies have found their bottom and broke out of the bear trend.

In the months to follow we can expect that the market will continue to go up. Right now we are seeing big jumps upwards, then some sidetrading, then new legs upwards. I want to congratulate everyone who used the HODL technique and can see their funds rising again. I really hope none of you have sold your crypto at the bottom price... :-)

There are still opportunities to buy more, although I do recommend to buy in the dips because there will come some corrections, but it's for sure that we will see mostly upward bullish movement and sidetrading in the months to follow!

Enjoy the Crypto Bullruns!

I wish you massive profits! <3

Thank you for reading.
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It is clear that the market will have an uptrend considering that this the future of money. At least in my opinion. I also expect to see a total market capital of about 5 trillion at the end of the year.

5 trillion is a bit much in my opinion but seriously I would love to see this happen! :-) 1 trillion is guaranteed!

I see one trillion by mid summer. From yesterday until now 30 billion entered the market so the waves of money are getting bigger and bigger. Not only more weak hands will enter the market but also more institutional money. I have a strong feeling that in 2018 the market will have a boom like never before.

The boom in 2017 was one of the biggest ones in the history of Crypto if I'm not mistaken. Would love to see a bigger boom happening but doing better will not be easy. However you are right that bigger money is entering the market and institutational money is also coming so the 1 trillion by summer is definitely something I see happening too. Thanks for your comments btw

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