Buy Almost Anything on Amazon using your Crypto

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If you have Crypto, it is the most reasonable opportunity to use it for anything other than trading. Bitrefill sells mobile top-up vouchers and accepts Cryptocoabubics for payment, it is working on gift cards for Amazon, Uber, Google Play, Hotels and various other ecommerce companies. These cards, once acquired by the user, can be used to purchase various types of items from these websites. So far, the gift card for the company's Amazon USA has started, but the cards for the above mentioned services will be available shortly.


The company has stated in its declaration that it always thinks about selling gift cards and it is one of the most requested features of the company's customers. Therefore, the bitfill finally decided to go ahead with this thing, for this gift voucher, bitkayne, lightknowne, etherum, dash and dōjenkin, five cryptokulualize can be used. Currently this service is only available to users based in the US and Germany, but the company says it is working on other countries.


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