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A couple of weeks ago I caught myself starring in one of the opened browser tabs. It seemed like speeding at 300km/h on a lane of a highway in Germany. The view in front led me towards the horizon of blockchain as a smaller portion occupied by retro-visor reflected blurred image of the past.

About CTM

Crypto Mark (CTM) is a digital currency, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

It spontaneously crossed my mind, triggered by an ancient reflex, like I got shot on the spot. The Mark is back. It's like the story of Jesus, except that the Mark came back for the second time. Jesus left the Earth twice. (don't try to dismantle me on that one because it would be pointless)

It was like holding the banknote in my hands. Its smell was whispering between my lips and my nostrils. Pure nostalgic sensation.


How many countries have you changed since you were born ? Not because of moving to continue your life somewhere else, but as a result of regimes swapping one after another. How many currencies you were used to pay with ? Not while enjoying vacation on exotic islands on the other side of the globe, but as a consequence of transitions and political manipulations.

What is the value of the Crypto Mark?

The value of every currency – also that of a crypto currency – is based on its acceptance by the people. Crypto Mark has been design with all features, which are necessary for a strong and stable currency.

It doesn't concern power, nor greatness. Deutche Mark had reputation at the time, it meant stability in most of European countries. It wasn't really about the money, it was a matter of identity. Money usually divides, DM was actually connecting people. Every kingdom diminishes, eventually and the lapse of that epoch ended as well. Driving force of any kind of movement and the only true capital of any geographic or political region are people.

The number of CTM is limited to 82 million coins, which is roughly the number of inhabitants in Germany – with its usage and ownership of course not being limited to Germany.


That same individual who outlived several shakedowns and economic fluctuations is standing at the beginning of a new journey at the initial point of revolution, with Crypto Mark partaking. This time his motivations are independent and out of reach of regulations. The Crypto Mark community manifests allegiance and contribution, nearly similar to energy flow of an ecosystem.

CTM is not for sale, it is available for free. This freedom is defined by members and its conceptors, this is how the CTM value is forged.

The advantages of Crypto Mark
  • More coins will and cannot be minted. Inflation because of government starting up the printing press or the central bank buying government bonds is therefore impossible.
  • The usage of the Crypto Mark is anonymous- comparable to the use of cash, which many states worldwide try to restrict more and more.
  • The Crypto Mark needs no banks. Transfers are possible direct peer to peer without any intermediary being necessary.


Be careful ! Once you decide to accept and take care of Crypto Mark It will not let you go and most of all, it will not let you down. It's sensible and light as a feather, surrounded by mindful community and equipped for a bright future. Its metaphysical power is not yet disclosed same as it's not for any other crypto-currency, however it has launched for a very serious mission. Plans, milestones, meeting and recuperation points are brought into the open in the Crypto Mark whitepaper. Following this story will inspire your life.

Let's make the Mark great again

Crypto Mark

CTM details

The Crypto Mark has been designed as an ERC-20 compliant token, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Technology: Ethereum ERC-20 Token
  • Ethereum address: 0x254e9BB84C9118D1501f0b7c45AAD6038b765735
  • Code: CTM
  • Digits: 18
  • Total supply: 82m coins (fixed)

Resources :


Very nice article, oocoxmit. Thank you for your support!

Haven't had time to come around and check comments. I'm glad you appreciated the post. Crypto Mark "c'est l'avenir" and I'm going to support this projects by every means possible. "Y'a pas photo", say the French.

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