Ideas for a new Crypto Mark distribution campaign wanted - earn 15% of the total rewards

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As already posted, we will start with a regular weekly distribution campaign next week.
However, we will also do special events, which are supposed to be creative and which should help to increase popularity of Crypto Mark. And one of the regular themes should be the use managed campaigns.

Any ideas? Please let us know and run the campaign on your own - as a reward we will pay you 15% of the total rewards that are given out during the campaign.
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Let's make stickers !
Two rules :

  1. Crypto Mark logotype can cover maximum 1/4 of artwork's surface
  2. Pick the sticker you like the best and use it everywhere

I can carry out the campaign.

I would use the conventional approach to make the events visible to public. Ask all the new members who join the events to :

Copy-pasting is dull and creativity should be put forward, but more members means more ideas and better ideas. So both are important :
+ growing community
+ quality contributions

Very good idea. Let's do it. How much would you put at stake?

I'd say more creativity would be needed than for the T-shirt contest. The product itself - stickers is not the best immediate tool for promotion, but could be used to liven up the atmosphere in the Tg group and of course to leave some Marks on any 'digital wall' of the Web.

What about similar prizes as for T-shirts with one difference - splitting the awards like this :

  • 2 x 2000 $CTM for 2 1st places
  • 2 x 1000 $CTM for 2 2nd places
  • 2 x 500 $CTM for 2 3rd places
  • 250 $CTM for every participant

Sounds good. Go for it. Do you want to distribute the CTM or should we put it on the vesting account?

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