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  1. Additionally, we pay an interest payment every week. Interest is however only paid out on Crypto Mark which are in a vesting account. Generally, we will pay out every Crypto Mark to this vesting account, but you can at any time require a pay out. This gives as strong incentive to keep your Crypto Mark and not to trade them immediately.
    Interest will start at 25,000 Crypto Mark per week and will increase to 654,000 Crypto Mark per week. The interest will be distributed relative to the amount a user holds in a vesting account to the total amount in the vesting account. Overall, 14m Crypto Mark will be paid for interest.

  2. The third part will be used to pay for special events, tasks, job etc. Also, we intend to pay people for their support roles such as moderators, ambassadors etc. The total amount for this is roughly 28m Crypto Mark.
    What do you think about this strategy?

cropped-CTM-Logo Kopie.pngAny remarks, suggestions or advice? Please et us know.


When exactly will the regular distribution start?

The starting data will be January 1st.

ok, thanks for the info. Good luck to your project.

Welcome. We would be happy if you decided to join.

Great distribution program! Will join it!

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