CryptoLions Financial Disclosure - September

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CryptoLions Financial Disclosure


About this disclosure

CryptoLions is dedicated to upholding our promises of transparency within the EOS mainnet and to helping to strengthen the trust bond between the Block Producers and the EOS Community as stated in our Policy Positions and Code of Conduct.

Restatement of our values

  • Sophrosyne - Inspired by Eos being the ancient Greek goddess of the Dawn, sophrosyne is an ancient Greek concept of an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind, which when combined in one well-balanced individual leads to other qualities, such as temperance, moderation, prudence, purity, and self-control.

  • Respect - To everyone. Always. This begins with respect for the EOS community and its constitution.

  • Competence - Meeting the technical, organizational, and legal demands of EOS block producers.

  • Integrity - Being honest with others and with ourselves. Doing what we say we'll do.


In September we received a total of 7747.478 tokens for the month.
In total we have received 44,077.0454 tokens as of September 30th, 2018.
7,356.1193 of these came from block rewards and 36,720.9261 from vote rewards.

Of all the tokens received in September CryptoLions are allocating 1% (EOS 77.4748) into the future Burn Account as previously noted. This is a small gesture of gratitude to the community.

Also, 10% of our income, or 774.7478 are set aside for what will be a performance bond with a six month term.


CategoryJune 2018July 2018Aug 2018Sept 2018
General Administrative$414.81$825.01$4,668.50$3,788.60
IT & Web$4,376.45$4,785.28$3,648.86$5,074.78
Media and Outreach$1,210.88$298.94$782.37$1,340.74

The travel expenditures this month went towards sending Sudip to the London EOS Hackaton. Unfortunately Bohdan, who was invited as a mentor, could not attend because of visa problems. We managed to give out a few Jungle tshirts!.


We regard the production of blocks and the associated communication and legal work as our primary duty. As an additional service to the EOS community, we build projects which we believe make the EOS ecosystem better, and the EOS token more valuable.

They include

  • The Jungle Testnet which continues to be an important training and testing environment.

  • The EOS Network Monitor.

  • ZEOS a do-it-yourself account registration portal where you can use BTC or ETH to create an EOS account.

  • Deru - Truth Bonds / Performance Bonds. Watch Bohdan and Roman's awesome interview about Deru and other matters with the great Happy Money Man here.

Last month CryptoLions launched Rock Paper Scissors on the EOS blockchain. It is completely opensource, completely free and 100% fair. If you haven't played yet, you should check it out. Welcome to Roshambo!

Upon launch, it was top 40 EOS Application according to Dapp Radar:


ProjectsJune 2018July 2018Aug 2018Sept 2018
Data Visualisation$0.00$919.99$0.00$0.00

Concluding Statement

There are no costs that are not reflected in the tables above. This is everything. We will continue to disclose our financials and support a culture of transparency and accountability.

We hope sensible reporting standards for block producers emerge over time and will look to adhere to them.
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EOS Network Monitor:
Deru Truth Bonds:
Account Registration Portal:
Rock Paper Scissors:
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