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RE: 150 Followers Celebratory Cryptokitty Giveaway

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Why pick me? this is the cutest kitty i have seen and I would LOVE to win and add him to my litter. This one is adorable!! I love his hair and fluffy tail, fluffy cheeks, smile and eyes, which is everything! :)

My post should be funny so how about a couple jokes?
Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs!
What do you call an old cat? A GrandPAW!
Why is this crypt kitty so happy? He is in a good Mewd!

My address: 0x35e2268306aab43014da143f110431ec0140957a


winner winner kitten dinner! congrats @lunar! i liked your answer the most so i have just sent Mellow Yellow to your litter! have a good one :)