in cryptokitties •  11 months ago

Today was an exciting day for me. I am proud to announce I am the owner of a crypto kitty! Please meet my first cryto kitty, Kylo, Generation 14! I of course named it after Kylo Ren from Star Wars after yesterdays outing to see Star Wars the Last Jedi

I hope to add to my collection but wanted to share this exciting moment with you all! Of course I am still new to cryptokitties and so will probably need help along the way.

What do you guys think? Is my first cryptokitty nice?

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I got 150 of these little guys, in the first two weeks that the game was out... Im holding onto them... No selling for me till next year maybe, when my #3,000-#150,000 series kitties are rare because there will be millions out there..


That's awesome, congratulations! Unfortunately I only have one so far and wish I could multiply them but am out of Etherum at the moment. You can send the link to your collection if you want so everyone can check out what you have!

i wanna criptokitties! what is her value?
hope buy one!
greetings for Venezuela!

I was going to get my first crypto kitty but I was too lazy to transfer the money. Plus fees to transfer.

Dude nice kittie as a starter (love the name) im also getting sucked in by these cute little kitties!
Check out some of my babys on my steemit!
Im also running a giveaway for a persian kittie right now to try help build my follower base. Check it out and enter if you want!

I got my first yesterday. Sweet stuff