How to play CryptoKitties on Android

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Hello friends today I will tell you a simple trick to play CryptoKitties on Android

What is CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is the first blockchain based game it allows players to adopt, breed and trade virtual cats.
CryptoKitties is also the first attempt to use blockchain technology for recreational activity

Why play on Android?

*Playing CryptoKitties on Android has a lot of advantages like

  1. You can play from anywhere
  2. Lower Data usage
  3. More comfortable than PC

So how can I play CryptoKitties on Android?

Step 1:

Install Mozilla Firefox Android

Step 2:

Go to CryptoKitties site and it will direct you to metamask installation page
And after installing metamask set-up your account
You will be able to find metamask add-on at the bottom of the menu

Step 3:

Go to CryptoKitties and set up your profile.
After setting up your profile there will be a prompt to sign for CryptoKitties, click sign

Step 4:

Go back to CryptoKitties tab and now you will be logged in
So now you can enjoy playing CryptoKitties on Android

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