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Hello Steameowans,

The winner of the previous Cryptokitty giveaway has been chosen:
Congrats to @emilclaudell who receives a luxurious gen 6 Cryptokitty, enjoy your free collectable!

CryptoKitty News

Cryptokitties Twitter announced that they retired a few phrases from bios! Newborn kittens will no longer:

  • Say hi and tell you the two activities they're here to enjoy
  • Put condiments on everything
  • Be unable to wait to eat with you

If your cat has one of these bios, they're more original than ever.

This is great news, because rarity now extends to having specific bio details, which makes the game and the hunting for the rarity even more complex and interesting.

Today's Giveaway

This cutie is gen 4 and also a virgin! Good luck to those on the next run.
To win this kitty, simply upvote this post, resteem, and comment your Kitty Litter address below.
Winners are announced in 24 hours.

Good luck!

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Thanks for posting again, is this going to be daily? :o


i really hope so!


It is our plan to do so, however we need your guys support more than ever to accomplish this.
So the more you spread the word, the more chance that we'll be able to do this giveaway every 24 hours! :)

Oh wow! a virgin one! thats a pretty valuable kitten! I take my chance

sign me up :) 0x3311b10e76719f1bbfee2e235925b3d80a5e7830


I love kitties!

Cutie kitty...



Awesome dude, now i have an excuse to look into the game :) I'll take my chance once again