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in cryptokitties •  10 months ago

Hey Steemeowans!

As promised we'll be starting with this cute gen 6 kitty giveaway today!

All you have to do to participate in this giveaway is, upvote this post, resteem, and leave your Kitty litter address in your comment :)
The winner will be announced in the next post after 24 hours and will receive their kitty instantly :)

In Cryptokitty news:

We have new Cattributes:
twilightsparkle (0.00%) background
forgetmenot (0.00%) eye color
norwegianforest (0.01%) face ?
savannah (0.03%) face ?

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my first one too!

Was so excited to participate in this contest lol.

Here's my litter address:


Thanks for participating @ngfx, good luck.


Thanks! :)

oh wow! thats a sweet kitten!


Thanks, don't forget to type in your Kitty litter address to participate in the giveaway :)

Hope to finally have my very own imaginary kitten!
My address is: 0xe09be2624795323b74811423ae9639ebdfd4c1f8

loving your work! thanks mate :) 0x36ED2D75A82e180e0871456b15c239b73B4EE9F4

0x3311b10e76719f1bbfee2e235925b3d80a5e7830 I have my fingers crossed

Seems interesting, have wanted to look further into cryptokitties :)

Made a wallet, hope i did it right 0x842cf88b5fb4192c17d4790dfa7894b77ab33361


I love kitties!

Thanks for the opportunity, and congrats for the first contest :)

I feel a bit sceptic because of that copied table at the end...


Yes this is from Brituff and we intend to fill up the posts with similar information for the future posts, the format is still in the making so bear with us :)