The Kitty Price is Right! Free CryptoKitties Contest. We Giveaway CryptoKitties Daily

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Kitty Price is Right

] I will announce the winner of Name that Kitten in an update! But for now, lets introduce tonight's new game. The Kitty Price is Right. I will give you the kitty contestant and all you have to do is guess how much the Kitty will sell for. The closest without going over will win a Free CryptoKitty. All entries before the Kitty is sold will be valid. Here is the contestant Kitty . To enter, follow, resteem, upvote and comment with the price in ETH that you think this kitty will sell for , and your CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address.

I will upvote all valid CryptoKitties Contests entries!

3D Paper CryptoKitties

This person is making 3D paper kitties that you can cut out and put together. I don't know if they are selling them yet, but it looks cool. It's also good to see people making products based on CryptoKitties. I like them, what do you guys think?

Theres also a new Cattribute, Camo . Its a new fur pattern. I'm not that impressed. I think calicool looks more like camo than camo does.

Don't forget to Guess the sale price of this Kitty Then follow, resteem, upvote and comment with your guess price, and your CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address.

Get in Early. These are games are still Pre-Launch!


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will done !
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Well said.

You know, I think a lot of people spend way too much time writing thoughtful comments on Steemit, in the vain hope that someone will throw them an upvote.

I like your approach better.

Just drop an emoji.

That way everyone knows you were here, that you found the reply button, and that you cared enough to swap to your emoji keyboard, to drop a kissy face.

Here, have an upvote for your brilliant strategy, which seems to be working well!

This strategy is not peculiar to this page. ☺

I am sick of these motherfucking emojis on this motherfucking blockchain!

Naww, just kidding. You do you sugarplum!

0.12 ETH

Can I has kitty?



Yea, can't wait to win one.

0.11 ETH

I'll go with .0855 ETH

wish to have one

I already hate real cats, why would I want a virtual one?

I guess 0,1027 eth

Nice project i also want to big invest but let me some analysis thank you

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What a cute kitty. Nice contest. Keep it coming


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I only dabbled in CryptoKitties, but I feel like I got burned pretty badly. The game fell apart very, very quickly. And whatever "investment" I put into it turned into BitConnect, I mean worthless garbage. Sorry, autocorrect.

As much as I would like to get excited about #cryptofighters or #fishbank, I'm pretty sure they're going to be the same type of situations. You pour money into them to start with because everyone else is doing it and you find yourself holding the cat poop bag (of cat poop).

If you can make money doing it, good on you, but I don't plan on fishing with you. I've got other projects to work on, like trying to plug the toilet by flushing $20s down it!

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Agreed what you say.

upvotet- retweeted.
Price guess: .0885 ETH


As for me?
I'll go with .0855 ETH

I bet this is a brazilian thing...

Still figuring out how these crypto kitties actually work. lol

We are going to rule on steem it. Just enter . Hope you will like my work.

Looking forward to your support. Vote for vote. Hope i will be 500 steem dollar per post son.

0.042 ETH
I´m more in dogs...
But I like a kitty, too


Thank you! :-)

0.03 eth

congrates all the winner!and great contest:*

I think the 3-D kitties print/cut is a cute and creative idea

I am new to this, so I have no idea what sells for what.
I guess 0.2ETH



What are cryptokitties?

I only clicked to check the kitty out, nice! :) I am happy cryptokitties is still rocking!

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