Ramdom CryptoKitty Winner! Get an Gen-1 with a chance at Making Money too!

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Winner @jaymesbawned

Congrats @jaymesbawned , who won this random kitty , for no particularly good reason.

Secure Ponzi Evolution

So since the first gen of ponzi/ponzi copies crashed and burned, from the ashes arose anew. EthPyramid is the new thing. It was made a little more than 24 hrs ago, and it was tested and audited this time! The code has no guarantees, but it is definitely more secure than the last one. The way this one works is the sell price is 20% lower than the buy price. Everyone that holds the token receives 10% when someone buys in, and 10% when someone panics and sells. This is a great model because it promotes HODLing. Everyone in the pool gets paid on volatility. Basically, this is how exchanges like Coinbase make a lot of their money. They don't care about winner and losers, just volume. The best part about this new script is its public so anyone can use it.

I have decided to make a Gen-1 CryptoKitties Profit Pool. It will be based on the above script. Whoever reads this post will have a chance to get in early and receive a Gen-1 CryptoKitty. The CryptoKitties Profit Pool will launch at 2AM EST time/ 7AM GMT. If you put .015 ETH or more in the pool, I will send you a Gen-1 CryptoKitty just for joining the pool. I cannot guarantee profit or even that you won't lose all of your money, but you get a chance at making a profit with a Gen-1 CryptoKitty to show for it! Not a bad deal.

Here is how to enter the profit pool:

  1. Wait til anytime after 2am Est/7am Gmt
  2. Go to this site Profit Pools List
  3. Find this address (0xA6230691b2B1CFF2f9737cCFA3Ff95d580e482a0) it should be on the bottom
    3.b. If you don't see that address yet on the site, you can wait or send directly to the contract address 0xA6230691b2B1CFF2f9737cCFA3Ff95d580e482a0
  4. Click "Buy" and send .015 ETH or more with the same address as your CryptoKitties Wallet Address
  5. Comment with your address so I can verify it on the Blockchain.
  6. Wait patiently for your Kitty and maybe make Eth in the profit pool!

Fell free to check the other addresses out. They are all running the same script so the backdoor issue is solved and secure. Still BE CAREFUL only use money you can lose!

The contract will be live in >10 mins for the profit pool


be careful of ponzi

great message for @brittuf
nice post from you @teenovision

I was a bitconnect victim be careful!


Gotta Love it!!! The Bitcoin Kittys get around.... with all that meow power!!!! LOL

Thanks @brittuf! I love winning things for no reason! Your generosity knows no bounds!

I thinks this is my first time of hearing about this. How can i be part of it again?

I wish you not to lose your money to the next Ponzi.

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@brittuf as it is very exciting
I still do not understand the contest, please clue.

Bitcoin is a great coin

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What is a CryptoKitty anyway? I've been confused about that for awhile now.

Cryptokitties are



Thanks for sharing this post..... @brittuf... Your post is really nice...

Biggest ponzi of 2018 Bitconnect got dissccooonnneeccctttt

Граждане, будьте осторожны! Берегите ETH!)))WP_20160913_13_06_13_Pro[1].jpg

Friend, please take care next time. I hope next you will not lose your money ponzi

Thanks for the info

And congrats to you guy.

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Cool beanie babies dude!


I resteem your post sir thank you

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Thank you for the warning.
There are so many scams out there, you got to be careful.

Yeah be very careful of ponzi scheme

can't find that address on the website you sent for some reason?

its there now

Ponzi? Am yet to forget how ponzi dealt with me in 2016.

great work and im glad for you,but i cant undearstand how some posts get all that upvotes, best one i had 0.04 maybe, we started we need encouragments from u guys dont be selfish, again im glad for u

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@bittruf, can you let me know once the kitty is sent? I just want to make sure I set my account up correctly to receive it. Thanks again!

You did everything correct. I didn't send the kitty with enough gas, so it didn't make it. You should have it now!

Got it, thanks again!!

Thanks for these giveaways! sadly i wasnt able to participate in any of your previous ones. will you be hosting any more cryptokitty contests?

i took a short vacay, but now im back and you'll see more contests than ever!

This is very interesting. Much love for sharing. I really didn't know deals like these were possible..Shoutout @jaymesbawned

Great we much need to careful of ponzi

Bitcoin is really amazing and workable in current world

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great post wonderful gooooooood luck

Digital meowwww

@brittuf You are really a Nice Steemian :)

Waww,,that's very incredible

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How is your Ponzi, @brittuf?

staying stable with a couple of entries so far

fix profit before it's too late

its ok when your in early profit is almost guaranteed

Be careful on ponzi schemes Bitconnect ended real bad, with multiple lawsuits being filed. Im sure glad I didnt put any money into that when I was thinking about it.

Instead I decided to invest in new blockchain based games and I am very glad that I did. I am now top player hold number #1 spot in KyptoWar and my country is now worth over 100 ether :)

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