Let's Make CryptoKitties Worth more than Silver!

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Winner @no-won

Congrats to @no-won for winning the Kitty Caption Contest with the caption. Flag my owner, I dare you. It was short, funny, steem related and cute..... good job. Here is your Free Gen-3 CryptoKitty https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/523364. The Kitty for Kitty Price is Right is still for sale, so I will announce a winner when it sells. You can still enter here https://steemit.com/cryptokitties/@brittuf/etherstocks-making-money-moves-the-kitty-price-is-right-giveaway-is-back

EtherStocks Still Climbing

The word is slowly starting to trickle out. I'm sure most of you that got in already are already getting dividends from the light movement. This is all very exciting because it is just from word of mouth..... or should I say word of steem and discord. The lowest Market Cap for all the stocks was around .2 ETH and it is now .285 . It reached over .3, but some scaredy cats cashed out. This is just the beginning everyone. Here is your chance. Join our Discord to find out everything and ask any questions https://discord.gg/Q5TWqe6 . If you are ready to dive in, let me give you a Gen-2 pick of my litter for your bravery! Take your pick of my liter https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0xaec539a116fa75e8bdcf016d3c146a25bc1af93b . Then just buy .015 ETH or more of Cryp2 Kitties Stock @ https://etherstocks.net/stocks.html . If you send more, you will have more shares. Make sure you send from the address you want your CryptoKitty sent to!

Then comment this post with your litter address, the amount you sent, and which Gen-2 or 3 you want

Now just sit back and watch the dividends roll in, plus your getting a Gen-2 kitty for UNDER the average sale price!
The Stocks Market Cap is now 1.2729 ETH up .16 ETH
0.007741 ETH per Token

CryptoKitties Should be worth more than Silver

This will be the first Pre-Launch Contest for EtherStocks.net . Our Cryp2Kitties stock on EtherStocks.net should be worth more than Silver! I want to get Cryp2Kitties Stock all the way to the top! To give you guys some motivation, any ETH sent to Cryp2Kitties Stock until our market cap overtakes silver, will be entered for a chance to win a Gen-1 CryptoKitty. Right now our market cap is 1.2729 and Silver's is 3.95 . Once our stock is worth more than Silver's, I will send the addresses through a random selector to pick a winner. Make sure you make all Cryp2Kitties investments with the same address you would like your CryptoKitties sent to!

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I never got into the krytokitties but good luck and hope ya make sum profits, cheers!

Hard to pick the right coin. It's all a bit of a gamble


Exactly, it is so hard to pick what is the right coin.

Kitties ❤️😍

Cashing out is part of the fun, but I plan to hodl! Watch out, Silver!

Congrats, @no-won, or should I say yes-won ;)


haha. Thanks. @no-won finally won!


Just learned of cryptokitties a second ago!! 😍😻😹🤑 I want one ?🤓🤡😂

I think that your idea is right.

I’m still second guessing myself about buying some kitties

I'm very amazed to know that Right now our market cap is 1.2729 and Silver's is 3.95 .

Your post is all the best,great and very important post sir.I am all time upvote your post sir.

Nice posti,@steemfuzzy and @brittuf....
salam sejahtrah anak aceh

Plz don't forget my kitty!

I didn't have any idea about CryptoKitties. But from your post i have learn a lot about CryptoKitties. Thanks for the important information.

pleasing & enjoying!

wow sebuah ilmu yang luar biasa tentang CryptoKitties, tapi saya ragu, saya menyukai postingan anda

first, how we won tell. @titanik

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So i've got this kitty:

What attributes should I be breeding with?

  • The same unique attributes


  • Different rare attributes?


Thanks for the kitty @brittuf! Now it's time to make some ether to invest in some ether stocks.

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Nice post...i resteem post you...

Hey @brittuful , this amazing way you are contributing to this community. Keep it up .

wow its great for us climbing rates is good news for bitcoine investment is green signal am i right?

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nice post and i think you are right

As much as I want crypto usage to go up and love all things crypto, Cryptokitties has been extremely underwhelming. I wish it would have been among the lines of "Steem" where you can interact with the blockchain without having to pay to do simple actions like breeding your own kitties.

I was always curious if cryptocurrency would be more valuable than metals.

Fun stuff. Thanks for the info @journeyfreedom

CryptoKitties is already worth more than silver in my heart ♥ :^)

I think your idea is right @brittuf