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Name That Kitten Winners

There was a 3 way tie for Guess that Kitten. Each person guessed 3/8 correct. Good Job @anisuranis196 (you need to message me with your Litter Address. @lunar and @biggordo

Help Develop a New Game

There is a new game in the works. It is in the infancy stage and mostly its just an idea for now. We are trying to figure out the best theme for a battle game. There will be defense, attacking, and some kind of treasury. We have a few ideas already, and would love to hear from you guys... the actual gamers! Just to add a little spice to this poll, I will upvote all entries and one random poll vote will win a Free CryptoKitty. Here are the themes we are looking at...Feel free to make up your own.
2.Ancient Empires
3.Game of Thrones
4.Video Games( Like Halo vs Call of Duty)

So all you have to do is upvote, follow, resteem, comment with the theme we should use for the game, or your own idea, and your CryptoKitties Litter Address.

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I just have one stupid question:

is cryptokitties an ICO or its already in the market?

· ethereum smart contract based game. The cats are actually tokens. Good stuff. Some of the game play is becoming centralized on their website but the basics are stored on the blockchain.


I have all my crypto kitties up for sale, only ever sold 1, so got 9 left to sell... the game got boring really fast.

I have heard about cryptokitties for the first time, would like to give it a try... Just curious to know, is it something like betting? @brittuf

How about a space theme? Expand your empire by colonising new planets. The price to “buy” a new asteroid/moon/planet/solar system could depend on its size, resources (or maybe better if these are only known in a general sense - e.g. based on attributes that would be observable from the explored universe - until someone has explored it for the first time) and distance to your existing colonies. Could encounter alien races to discover new tech, attack other people’s colonies to pillage resources, etc. I’d play.



Now that I think more about this, I reckon it is a real goer. Even a hot potatoes space assets game could work, but I think extending on the countries/etc. games and incorporating battle (with other players, with randomly appearing aliens) would be awesome. And space is cool - it looks cool (lots of scope for captivating graphics), and I think it captures the imagination for a lot of people. Do it! 😂😂


This also sounds really cool. Like yeah i know you can buy stars names in real life so why not.

Loving the idea of ancient empires. Similar to age of empires type of thing. Or alternatively something space based. I think the economy must be reasonsbly developed to maintain long term interest.

what is the long term prospect and how does it work

Well i think that maybe the game can have a theme of videogames, if is a battle game you can add characters as the way you want, the colossous of shadow of colossous, with a dark or a game of thrones ambientation because is perfect with that kind of games, but i have more ideas but i need a example of what kind of battle game is? maybe like street fighter or some like that?

and this is my kittie direction: 0xbd6e69144841557cf7757045716628f574167cf0

I think we should do ancient empires like the city of petra, the mayans the mongols, have people of great historical importance like king tut, oda nobunaga, joan of arc, achilles, marie curie, xerces, aristotle, Davinci, Nikola Tesla and other incredible people and things to make history memorable and valuable! 0xFae0685F1c55e442fec1303e6F4304E9288bE816

From your list, I like Ancient Empires. The combinations are endless just start with Age of Empires or the old Civ games. Off your list, I like the space idea but maybe make it sci-fi instead of planets. Like planets/civs from Star Wars or from Star Trek. Sci-fi fans are really avid and you could get some enthusiastic players.


Good idea to market it to a large existing fan base. I would personally still love an accurate real life star map, but your suggestion makes sense strategically.

On the other hand, copyright is an issue then... though I’m not sure how much people think it matters in the Wild West of crypto.

I would like it to be ancient empire

@brittu I think the better the ancient empire,
Or the ancient dynasties, for attacks, defenses, revelations are the hallmark of the ancient kingdom,
You can add a flying horse or tiger vehicle, let me see there is an element of magic, because ancient times strongly believe in magic

Drug lords BTC style GTA

I would like it to be ancient empire.

i think riddles should be here to gain more communication with steemit community

Cryptocurrency continues to grow and is born of various kinds. whether cryptocurrency will be the currency around the world and beat the real currency ..?

How about a game where you start with 1 island and build your own base and then as you get further in to the game you can buy battle ships and more islands to expand your base. The point of the game would be to attack other bases and get as many wins as possible. At the end of every season, month or week the people with the most wins would get some type of prize. Players would attack the players with the same skill level to make it fair.

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I extremely like enterprise amusements like the antiquated kingdom. I think this must happen particularly here a lot of companions who have a smart thought might be in pour here.

I think a Corporation themed game might be interesting, like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc. as 'empires' fighting each other with products to gain sales and customers. Don't know what I did with the cryptokittens but if I win then I will have to dig it out :p Would love to help with the game as well if you need :)

@Brittuf It is a good idea to expand the empire. The kins must be cruel and compelling. If there is a stronger protection in the battle for the guards, we can beat ourselves:)

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For me i prefer game of thrones you have to really see it to know why it is so good

Amazing, congratulation

You need to choose a blockchain in which there is no transaction fee.

I advise you not to use other people's trademarks, such as "game of thrones".

In Russia, a very popular game is about tanks, there are many collectors in the game "world of tanks", the price of one tank comes to a hundred dollars.

So you can do crypto game about tank battles, I've played similar.



Not having to pay gas would be great. Nano?

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I think another good theme could be "cartoon". If you look at

"Worms Armageddon"

"Earthworm Jim"

(even the cow doesn't look misplaced)

or "World of goo"

you may get an idea what i'm thinking of. Inside this cartoon World you could easily mix and include some of the other themes. Ancient warriors can fight dragons in space, Dogs can beat up evil postman while protecting the world from evil platypuses...

The possibillities are endless ;)


For legal reasons: The pictures are not mine. All rights belong to the original creators. I found them only with the Google image search and linked them as examples

is this mining btc for game?

Thank information..
I try game....

Those who vote for me I will vote for him

Those who vote for me I will vote for him

I like countries

Football Clubs!? the team you support is your army maybe?

I really like adventure games like the ancient kingdom. I think this must happen especially here very many friends who have a good idea idea may be in pour here. Thanks

I like this... Vote back please

Game of Thrones! The best idea.

Interesting article and I will like to know more about it

I live the idea of ancient civilizations of countries! Or perhaps ancient lore of countries. It would be a coop way to learn about the tales and lore of different countries and their cultures. Game of thrones is similar though entirely make belief from 1 mind, where as I know there are already very interesting stories from all cultures to draw and use from.


battle over catnip like spice in dunes...

Best of luck with this.

It will be interesting to see which one comes out on the top from this list.

Dark Souls Vs Bloodborne

enough said


A GREAT POST… BUT I WOULD PREFER CALL OFF DUTY (video game) because of it's great adventure and graphics ..which is very interesting and fascinating,due to my view as a gamer i would love it to be call off it me @brittuf your game will surely be a great success because a lot of gamers and even non gamers loves the game by just seeing the trailers and the game view

it think the game can be theme of game of thrones due to it's popularity for quick sale of the would really help because to my own view to people's choice, most of us would love a game with a theme of our favorite movie

I too would like to capture, all the kitties in the universe ❤✨

I think game of throne would be ok with ios graphix themes

I really like adventure games

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I really liked a post very good to me, with so many new posts you will be present with us we are with you. I hope you will succeed best of luck friend

nice contest