Free Cryptokitties Winners Announce. The market is picking up!

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Winners @ngfx and @justdik

In all our CryptoKitties post there is an Upvote Kitty Winner... You won @marloncustodio . Let this be a help to building your Catempire. Here's your kitty . I will announce the Name that Kitten winner in an update on this post...stay tuned!

*update @justdik got 5/8 Cattributes correct and wins the partents. @ngfx got 4/8 correct and wins the Kitten. Congratulations guys enjoy your Free CryptoKitties

State of the Litter

There has been a big spike in average price per Kitty. I haven't tried to sell any CryptoKitties today so I don't know how the volume is yet. I'll let you know later tonight. There will be another Guess that Kitten later tonight. In the mean time here is another Upvote Kitty Constest.

What is the Upvote Kitty Contest? Leave a comment with your CryptoKitties Wallet Address. The comment with a Kitty Litter Address that has the most upvotes will recieve the Free Kitten. My upvote will count too so make sure you upvote the post and I will upvote your comment! Also, be creative and you'll receive more upvotes.

Get in Early. These are games are still Pre-Launch!


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People upvoted only themselves. Do you count own upvoting?


Highest upvote wins the kitten


Thank you, @khwong

Make America great again with Cryptokitties.

let is reach to all new height

Awesome. I hope I win. Here's my address 0x6605b3b85b8413802f1c07d397bbb94cca92a5cd


AWESOME!! i love these competitions!! thanks @brittuf!! legend!

I love kitties!

Thank you very much for your account. I have won from you before. I'm following you. I hope you will win more. I wait for you more. I see you have a bright future

actually i have a invest of $3000 in paccoin, what you think about pac?


it is a bubble

I want this kitty so bad!
It smells like me...

PLEASE, DO NOT UPVOTE my post, I repeat, DO NOT UPVOTE my post!

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Wherever there is contest, there is a winner.

genial@brittuf te sigo

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Yes! I love it! The price is rising!



Rewards Pool Farmer Alert

@Steemcleaners, check out the comments section of @ryacha21 above. (

He is leasing 30k SP from @minnowbooster then using that to VOTE Up his own 7 Day old comments on random posts at the last minute. Scroll his comments to around the 6 day mark or just go to; he has a lot of self love on his own old comments.

HE IS DOING IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. He is farming the pool.. If you could help it would be appreciated..

Learn more about this sack of monkey spunk here:

Also kinda a dick move to use the actual good post of another person to post a comment for no other reason to come back and farm it later.

Post Author, @brittuf I do apologize.. This dude makes no actual articles of his own so the only way to draw attention to what he is doing is to comment his comments. My sincerest apologies for cluttering up your blog, outing the abusive self voting behavior of @ryacha21

Good step

Community is great here on Steemit, but breaking the bank for @booster users really hurts the majority. Would you consider in future making reasonable bids to be fair for all Steemians. Making posts within minutes of a @booster round seems to lose the followers and curation aspects. Something to consider for future growth...

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Wow, this is cool...
I hope to win someday...

Lovely post, join me in your next contest

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good article friend.


Daily reminder that I'm still waiting for the second parent:
from the guess the kitty here:
that I (hopefully) won:

Looks like it had another kitty in the meantime °_°

Also, for the random/upvote luck:

This post has gratitude of 3.57 % from @appreciator thanks to: @brittuf.

Congratulations @marloncustodio ! This is awesome what you are doing! All the best my Friends! Warm Wishes! Great Karma! Blessed 2018! :)