EtherSoccer is Still Under the Radar. Make a Suggestion, Get a Kitty!

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The contestant Kitty on the Kitty Price is Right sold for .376 . Good job @justdik you were the only person that guessed below the amount that the kitty sold for. Here is your Kitty .

Soccer is Back

There are 2 soccer themed "hot potatoe games" as they call them out now. The first one World Crypto Cup is pretty mature now. You can still make some money when new players are released, but thats about it. The teams, clubs and nations are too expensive for my wallet at least. The newest one is great. The entry level is low in comparison, and there is plenty of room to grab nations, clubs and player because less than 30 have been released so far. Feel free to check it out.. I own France. Remember to play responsibly.

EtherStocks is Getting a New Look!

The dev team is busy giving EtherStocks a new look. If you have trouble with the site right now, you can use the old one. The stock names are different, but all the info and stats are correct. . The floor is still slowly rising. I can tell everyone is taking my advice and spreading their investments across the whole market. I will continue to tip everyone before I make an investment on a stock to give you time to invest before me. You can keep up with news like this on our discord .

Now is your chance to win a Free CryptoKitty! All you have to do is make a suggestion to improve's look or features. Upvote, Resteem, Follow, and Comment with your suggestion and CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address. I will pick the best suggestion and they win a Free CryptoKitty. I will also pass all suggestions to the devs and if we use it I will send you a Kitty!


We can see crypto everywhere! This is a very positive gesture to use crypto in the game and it somehow widens the scope of cryptoworld!

It's a great game! Amazing man! thanks alot

Looks pretty interesting

  1. a myportfolio feature that shows only what you own
  2. a watchlist feature that lets you select stocks you are watching
  3. a compare feature that lets you select several stocks and see them side by side sorted by criteria that you select
  4. a mouseover highlight of the stock you are on, eitherzooms it a little larger than the other stocks or changes its color "highlights" it
  5. sort function for main screen
  6. you could clean up main screen by having a "trade" or "action" button. instead of all the actions button on the main screen, just a "trade" button that would open a pop-up trade screen with buy, sell, withdraw, reinvest, and get out.

cool post :)

I submitted/edited 0.36 before the sale ended :( no worries I will try again!

Here are my suggestions for your site:

  1. the website doesn't load at all without metamask installed. This isn't good if people want to check up on the prices on mobile. Perhaps have an "offline" version of the info people can see when they are on mobile or not logged on.

  2. Have mini versions of the graphs visible always (instead of a graph appearing when you mouse over) like this:

  3. Similarly, when the market prices move up or down, have their stats text turn green/red respectively to more easily see the changes.

  4. add a day/night theme toggle. (as others mentioned)

  5. The site logo is smaller than the social media icons. I would switch this and make the site logo larger and the others smaller.

  6. Allow users to organize the stocks via market cap, or holdings. Edit* just saw we can organize but hard to know this. Add greyed out buttons like this
    Screenshot_20180222-073055.jpg and looks like this when used Screenshot_20180222-073023.jpg. Also when mouse rolls over you get the type symbol Screenshot_20180222-073513.jpg when it should show a clickable mouse instead Screenshot_20180222-073543.jpg

thanks for these posts btittuf!

My Litter address

  1. a toggle between dark/light design (there's always a number of people wanting each)
  2. mouseover effect on buttons (they will look nicer and it makes people want to click them)
  3. some indication that the top row is clickable for sorting (can be mouseover as well)
  4. dynamic header (gif or youtube embed)


Thanks for your always good posts !
My suggestion for : A pop-up when mouse is over stock name with a little text about the stock, encouraging people to invest in

My litter : 0x7cE5605975D54C7eCeF37972D2315Ea013d57CB9

my suggestions

  1. charts are not drawn.
  2. there is no sorting on the table columns.
  3. need a button that will show only those lines that have your share


Is #EtherSoccer about prediction or a game?

its a game. they are doing a promo where if your team wins you get a bonus

Wow, an game which can be produce an bonus, that's great and my wishes to all whosoever is winning. 🙂

Stay Blessed.

It will be good if your change color from your website design to look more brighter because of those with sight problem.

This a game. Product easport. Like it. Resteem

it is nice game and bitcoin post thank for shearing

Your posts always amaze me.
Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.

pleasing & Mind Blowing stuff!

What about making Israeli league as well? :) I can help with the names of the teams if needed

I feel small user,no have big powerful friend.

but i like your post.i hope you help me and upvote my comment and post

good post dear thanks for sharing

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it is so lovely to remmber and periciate the others , and you had written very nice explianation . Thanks for sharing this nice post

With my love


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Life Hacks ♥ Amazing Tricks

Now days market is boring me so sad 😕😕

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Dang these games are hilarious!

Thanks for this lovely post. Followed,looking forward to more of your wonderful post.
Pls upvote resteem and follow me that will be of great help to me

One day, actual soccer teams will be bought & sold in crypto & soccer players will be paid in crypto while their stats are recorded on an immutable blockchain, recorded till the end of time.

Same application goes for all sports. Wouldn’t player stats be great to see on a blockchain?

Its a great game , please check out the new metal gear survive on my page

thank nice to follow you

nice one! thanks @brittuf! :D winner winner kitten dinner

Hello! I wanted to offer you collaboration. If you are interested contact me on twitter :)

great crypto, just one thing you could make more flags of famous nations in soccer such as Brazil

Well great post

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@brittuf would be quite attractive these types of games. Continue innovating with your contests in STEEMIT.

Thanks for sharing this info.

Great to see more games and platforms coming over to crypto :-)

In my country a Real Man drinks beer and watches soccer as he screams at the TV in public places, bars etc.. Then when he goes home, if his team lost, he slaps the wife, so I kinda grew up hating soccer, but really hating it so hard man!

This is nice. Good luck to those suggesting.

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