DragonBallz is Here, Fancy Cat Numbers, and Free CryptoKitties Meme Contest

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Winner @steven-patrick

@steven-patrick who won our Random Kitty contest from the last post.

Ethereum Games Finally Get to Drangonball Z

http://etherdragonball.com/ is a new game. When the game launched, I was spread thin so I couldn't invest. Now the floor is above 1 Eth and its a little too expensive for me. This is a good sign for the game though. There is a lot of excitement and engagement. It seems your able to play your card in a battle mode. This is a great way to add value to cards that people otherwise just put names and teams on and they do nothing. You can also get dividends from sales. The next phase drops in about 4 days so you have plenty of time to look it over before the next drop.

Fancy Cat Update

Since Fancy Cats are now limited edition, I wanted to give you a running tally so you don't try to breed the Fancies that are capped out.

Dracula 1607/2000
Ducat 8812/10000
Shipcat 1814/2000
Phuziqaat 737/1000
Stitches 431/500
Momo-Chan 225/500
Earnie 500/500
Mistletoe 2000/2000
Santaclaws 1002/1000 (I guess they made the limit after 1002 had been bred)
Negato 500/500
MisterPurrfect 1000/1000

So there they are. They are going fast!

EtherStocks Buy of the Day

A deposit of .03 will go into Commodor 64 and a deposit of .05 will go into Diamond before 6AM EST . Get in before me and get some Dividends! Don't forget to join our discord for news and questions https://discord.gg/Q5TWqe6

CryptoKitties Meme Contest

Make a Meme for what has to be the ugliest Fancy Cat. Just create a Meme for the kitty pictured above in this post. I will upvote ALL valid contest entries. To enter, upvote, follow, resteem, and comment with your meme and your CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address. The best meme will win a Free Gen-3 CryptoKitty!


what kind of game is this? a meme contest? how about the dragonballz?

That DrangonBall game seems like an amazing game! but the prices!!!





Fun! thanks Brittuf!

This is my entry:

My litter address:


Have a nice day :)


I have not gotten into the crypto kitty world just yet, but like some odd train wreck, I just can't look away. Can anyone explain what is happening to me?


Meow Brrrrrrrr......tasty

Whoot I love memes! I will submit in a few hours :D

Hope you don't mind me reminding u of this post:

"Sorry im a bit late, needed to gather eth.

I want:


kitty sent!

Thank you! 👍👍

Etherdragonball is a ponzhi scheme and it probably doesn't even have the rights to the franchise. What a scam.

Its not a ponzi. Its a game. In that regard cash is a ponzi too then. They don't need rights to the franchise. This is the blockchain. The power goes back to the small people. You need to get deeper into crypto

It's a ponzi.

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I myself am a hardcore DBZ fan and would love to check this out!!!
Thanks for sharing the information @brittuf

thank you follow you blog and vote.

Strong people do not put others down ... They make them high ... just as you
Thanks for the contest

This is quite interesting. One has to get to enjoy those games as quickly as possible. Thanks.

Not certain I get the majority of this yet, but rather it's amusing to peruse about .
I myself am a bad-to-the-bone DBZ fan and would love to look at this!

Great content and awesome article

Congrats winners i also want to join but how plz any one tell me

Nice post...Thanks for sharing

Not sure I get all of this yet, but it's fun to read about. Thanks @journeyfreedom

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Thanks for sharing.
I will definetedly take a look at it, since i really did love dragonball when i was younger :)

Thanks for the cat! upvoted, resteemed, I'll be back later with a meme.

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ability needed

Congratulations to all winners. Thanks for share this post.

Where did you get the fancy kitties tallies from? I’m going to have to get a wriggle on. Kitties, time to breed!

look below the bio at special features and it tells you the cap, then click on it and it will send you to the marketplace and tell you how many there currently are.