CryptoKitties Are About to Takeover China.....Carefully!

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All this Hype, Why Aren't Sales Higher?

If you don't know whats going on, CryptoKitties has launched a IOS app in China. This happened yesturday and I think we all expected the market to go crazy. The market went up, but it didn't go crazy by any means. I found out that this is because they only released the app to 5,000 users. They were worried about a crash like in the beginning, so they are slowly rolling this out. This is very smart.. Its almost like a re-launch, but they learned from the first semi failure.

The Fancies Are Coming

There is a 888 Dragon coming. I'm not sure how many, but its a reverse auction that starts at 888 ETH. They might be doing one at a time. I can't wait to see what it looks like though. There are a couple of chinese Fancies other than the Dogcat. There names are in Chinese, so I'm not sure what to call them. I pictured one above. You can always use to keep track of sales, new fancies, and cattributes. They are promising other Chinese themed fancies in the near future. This should be great to get the Chinese market excited about CK! is Getting Sub-Continents is one of the few hot-potato games that is still thriving. They are introducing their next level Sub-Continents . Owners of these will get 2.5% dividends from Countries sales, and 1% from City sales. They will also start out being owned by Country owners. The owners of Sub-Continents receives 15% profit when the Sub-Continent sells. I believe this will be the highest level in this game. The developer has promised to make a game with legit non-hot-potato gameplay in the near future. Hopefully this will keep the game thriving and these potatoes flipping!

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Obviously they have too much time and money on their hands.

I remember when CryptoKitties launched. I wanted to buy a kitty but my order couldn't go through and if they had launched it fully in the china then the same thing would have happened.


Well I hope I sell the rest of my crypto kitties.. I got up for sale..

Are gen6 jags worth anything? i haven't logged in for moths lol


Good method

The dragon is already visible - kitty 888. Looks awesome!




That dragon look incredible! I really want one, but there is no way I can afford that.


That is wonderful, good development.
I think I have to do something about that very fast.

Just started out in crypto kitties. I’ve opened an account, got my litter address:


What’s the next step? Do I need to buy some kitties from the market in order to breed them or is there any way of obtaining for free? Is there’s goid start up guide anywhere?


follow my posts and you'll eventually get one for free


I am following! Thanks for the tip. I’ll have a better look tonight.

CryptoCities looks interesting, but no transactions going in right now

should we worry or relax

I think CK is doing a great job on China launch. New fancies, limited beta test, roll out in waves to other markets in Asia, plus some upgrades on website for US. I think prices rose in anticipation and then limited roll out did not deliver the number of new buyers built into the prices. But they will come... HODL your cyrptokitties!

This is peak China. Hilarious!


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it's awosome

Ini sangat luar biasa...
So amazing...thank u
All get in market

Good Job Fri...

haha, I can't believe we are in the age of the totally digital Tomagachi's. Good read!

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I hope this relaunch helps us. Otherwise we have been drowning hope it stabilises us first and then lift us high up... Let it be slowly and slowly but we really need a hype.

wow ! It's amazing and interesting too .................. I really like this post

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buen post amigo la verdad fue una confusión para muchos y me incluyo @brittuf

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Nice stuff mate! I don't really know about this kitties, but i've noticed so much people are excited w/ them. Haha that 888 looks so nice. I think is such a great idea this new crypto collectibe and tradeable. Nice post. Here a new follower

I trust this relaunch causes us. Else we have been suffocating expectation it balances out us first and after that lift us high up... Give it a chance to be gradually and gradually however we truly require a buildup.

It's probably a very good thing that they release it in waves; it was not fun playing Cryptokitties the first few days when the entire Ethereum blockchain was slowed down. And that Chinese 888 kitten looks amazing! It will be interesting to see how much it sells for.

Great post@brittuf

2 questions, if you don't mind:
How much time you invest?
How much money have you made there?
Thanks in advance.

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I have always admire the ingenuity of the Chinese. They have excellent way of applying their knowledge. In-fact I long for opportunity to rob minds with one of these great minds.

Thanks for the info. I haven't followed up with these kitties for a while and didn't realized they are still alive and thrive~

Welp... Ethereum network is about to get clogged with Cryptokitties again

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