Crypto Racing League is Almost Here..Pizza Pizza! EtherStocks Kitty Giveaway

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Crypto Racing League is Coming Soon

CRL had its first big announcement in a while. This is a racing game obviously. There will be an in game token for buying upgrades via crates. The cars will have a few attributes like most battle games. It looks like it might be a little fun. We we have the chance to get in early and get a limited edition car as well. I'll be sure to try and get my hand on one of those! More details here


This is a unique game. It's also very cheap right now. You can get in for dollars. The game goes like this, you buy a pizza. You can sell it for 30% profit, or split it into 2 pizza worth 1/2 as much, but when those pizzas selll you get 2.5% dividends for life and the 30% profit. Its a fun little game for now. I "bred" a few pizzas and now I'm waiting for them to sell. I sold a few. This game needs more traffic though. Check it out. WARNING Don't look if your hungry.
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EtherStocks Buy of the Day and Free CryptoKitties

The 2 stocks I'll be buying today are Cobalt and Platinum. I will make a .05 ETH deposit in both. Feel free to invest before me and profit off of my deposit. If you would like any Gen-2 or 3 from my litter and wish to get involved in our stock game, take your pick of my liter . Then just buy .015 ETH or more of Cryp2 Kitties Stock @ . If you send more, you will have more shares. Make sure you send from the address you want your CryptoKitty sent to!

Then comment this post with your litter address, the amount you sent, and which Gen-2 or 3 you want

Now just sit back and watch the dividends roll in, plus your getting a Gen-2 kitty for UNDER the average sale price!


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Thanks for these Brittuf!

My transaction:

I would like this kitten:

My litter address:

bahut vadhiya,games hone chahide h

Wow! It surely will be a big hit when the crypto market will start rolling stores and establishments that can accept crypto currencies.

This is going to be awesome

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Awesome, a game I can get behind!

Playing the game we can win the pizza. WOW

How those cryptokitties works?

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Hey @brittuf, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! :)

hy @brittuf, this is a cool post, i like it, it's so amazing. Oh, yes? I just joined in steemit, if you do not mind follow my steemit in @fatahillah there I explain about the game, I hope I can develop in the world of steemit, your voting is my spirit in working on this platform. I am glad to know you. thanks.

Thanks for the tips here and your "Buy of the Day" is pretty awesome as well :) Cheers!

Crypto Racing League is the most appealing one to me, but I like the idea of making money selling pizzas :D

Cool initiative

upvoted and resteemed. As always :) I bought into Pizza game.
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I would like this kitties, pretty please.

Thanks for cat Britt!

Well that will be interesting, crypto racing. Crypto is really taking over everything.

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