2 Winners for Guess that Kitten and New Rules for the CryptoKitties Contests!

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Congrats to the Guess that Kitten Winners @justdik and @ngfx who tied with 5/8 Cattributes correct. @justdik posted earlier so they win the parents https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/439886 and https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/447211 @ngfx wins the Kitten https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/458205 .

New Rules!

2018-01-10 (2).png
I have decided to change the tie breaker rules. The comment with the most upvotes will win tie breakers which seem to happen pretty often. The Random Kitty Contest will now become the Upvote Kitty Contest. The comment with a Kitty Litter Address that has the most upvotes will recieve the Free Kitten. My upvote will count too so make sure you upvote the post and I will upvote your comment!

Don't forget to enter our Upvote Kitty Contest, just follow, resteem, upvote, and comment with your CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address! The comment with the most upvotes wins the Kitty!

Get in Early. These are games are still Pre-Launch!




First! :) 0xE7965443d2C1b65530DeB22B519dE326B92A718D

Congrats Winners !!

Is today my lucky day (probably not) 0x35f66211391Ee741248407e37fd3570337CbEa4d


I want a kitty

I second that!



AWESOME!!! i cannot believe i won! :D thanks @brittuf you absolute legend!!! 0x36ed2d75a82e180e0871456b15c239b73b4ee9f4 do u need this? how does it work?

I'll eventually send them to you. MetaMask hasn't been working for me today, but I'll figure it out.

ok cool, thanks mate!!! :D have a good one!!

count me in!


It seems like this contest is rigged so that the person with the most friends wins.


Or maybe who makes the most creative comment... Most people that follow eachother on steemit aren't "friends"...Stop being negative and maybe you would get a larger upvote

I didn't intend for it to come off as negative -- just commenting my opinion on your change from random choice to most votes. I think most votes could be gamed.

If the same person kept winning, I would just change the rules. Sorry to jump on you about it, but so many conspiracies these days.

Wohoo I got the tiny kitty, thanks! Kitties are dope!

nice post..

Lol strangest post iv seen all day

One day in the future if I win a cryptokitty I'd like to give it to a charitable cause. Good luck everyone!

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Congratulation @brittuf, the quality should be highlight in even, I will follow your contest when it's rise again. I am waiting. Thanks

Good look brittuf...
Vote me...

Sangat menarik kawan

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Congrats winners!!! :)

0x7a5e838e6de5633d38dd1ec30e6f2e1860caa8c6 <3 here kitty, kitty...

Everyone's crazy about CryptoKitties. :)

Congratulation for winners keep it up

@brittuf .. I'm pleasantly surprised that Crypto kitties are still in demand.. thought it was a passing fad..

Ok, I'm not here for the kitties , just stopped to see the kitty pic :)

I don't even know what crypto kitties are and I should even get an address.

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