2 New Cattributes! Guess that Kitten! 4 Free Kitty Giveaway Everyday!

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Congrats to @jujupinto85 who won our Upvote Kitty Contest. Here is your Free Kitty https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/167862 .To Enter just follow, resteem, upvote and comment with your CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address. The comment with a Kitty Litter Address that has the most upvotes will recieve the Free Kitten. My upvote will count too so make sure you follow the rules and I will upvote your comment!

New Cattributes

There are 2 new Cattributes:
azaleablush (0.010%)
spangled (0.014%)

These two I like Azaleablush is like a light purple color and spangled is poka dot patterned. They are both fun. What do you guys think?

Guess that Kitten

2018-01-12 (1).png
For tonight's Guess that Kitten, the lucky parents are https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/446871 and https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/397119 . What will the kitten look like?!? Guess below. The winner receives the parents of Guess that Kitten and the winner up gets the Kitten. Ties go to the earliest post. Here is an example entry:


If you don't feel like doing all that, enter our Upvote Kitty Contest, just follow, resteem, upvote, and comment with your CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address! The comment with the most upvotes wins the Kitty!

Get in Early. These are games are still Pre-Launch!



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Please help me to build my catempire!

Hey @brittuf! Upvoted, resteemed, already following you, address is: 0x440db393735ebf0f6d3f00d8b3fd324facd883a2

Would it be too brazen for me to post a link to my own kitty giveaway as well?
I lost quite a bit of money on my last one, so I'm hoping to spread the word.


So when does this contest end?

Nice. Thank you for sharing this post.


Yes it is a fun post and we need that sometimes inbetween all of the serious cryptocurrency market analysis. Now that we have had our fun, let's get back to the analysis shall we? https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@investingtips/bitcoin-to-crash-again-how-to-trade-an-expanding-triangle-tutorial

Tron (Trx) next Jetplane will land over 0.0002000btc $ 1.50

This kitty looks good. 0xba7961d78bde5495ec0543afc08532e9ba93e4da

Both the kitties are cute!! Is it possible that the kitten is Tiffany blue in colour with red polka dots on its body? Hehe, can't wait to see how the kitten will looks like!

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Wow!! so beautiful your art, i like your post. i wait for your next post , carry on your life . all the best @bijoy123

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From kitten to parent? What a rapid growth process, and the parent can produce more kitten. Marvelous artistic impression.

Good work dear keep it up I I upvote you

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 39.25% vote... I was summoned by @brittuf! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

ncredible art..this post exceptionally nice..i welcome this contest..thanks for sharing this post..best of good fortune.

wonderful.. Very nice art, really awesome art.. i always with you.thnx for share this news

Crypto kitty works good for big investers only .Small investers are strugle for purchase kittys. Always thankyou for the information

wow, what an art, and what a nice idea, keep it up. pink one face looks like my whtie cat, her name is icy

Thankz alot for this great info.


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great art..this post very nice..i appreciate this contest..thanks for sharing this post..best of luck.

Nice tutorial, thanks @ brittuf

One would expect that the market would be saturated by now. But the opposite seems to be happening.


thanks @brittuf! loving your work!

Say how does one goes about doing it?

Trying my random/upvote luck: 0xc6bffdbdaf5352760207a434b9503d65ebfb7ad8

Btw, I'm still waiting for the second parent (#449375) from the last guess the kitty here ( https://steemit.com/cryptokitties/@brittuf/its-time-for-guess-that-kitten-and-the-upvote-cryptokitties-contest-giveaway ) that I won here ( https://steemit.com/cryptokitties/@brittuf/3-cryptokitties-won-1-more-to-giveawayin-the-upvote-kitty-contest ) ...
No rush, just so you know ^_^
Edit: Got it, yay :)

I think I should read up on these cats. What can I do other than hold them and breed them? I would love to have one but I have 0 idea how they work.

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I love CryptoKitties. :)



Hey guys! Here's my guess:



Please follow me please

wonderful.really i appreciate this contest because it is a new creative and beautiful idea that will attract a lot of people from the whole world .
and by the way i liked the both kitties they are so cute and adorable.
i am so excited to see how the kitten will look like .


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The kitty will be light blue.

Cool contest.. Can't seem to find many details on CryptoFighters.. what do you know about it?

What is address?

thanks for post i follow u please follow me friend @exchangetimes