Satirically Yours New correspondent @aggroed talks to digital kitten vendor Vitalik Buterin

in cryptokittens •  last year

While walking the streets of NYC on a busy friday afternoon I was able to catch up with legendary digital kitten vendor Vitalik Buterin while he was handing out free Lambos and digital cats.

@aggroed- Excuse me Vitalik?

Vitalik- Yes?

@aggroed- You're the digital cat guy right?

Vitalik- Well, no, I'm the founder of the Ethereum blockchain.

@aggroed- Oh, but you're the guy selling the cats?

Vitalik - No, that's cryptokittens. One just sold for $125k USD you know...

@aggroed- Right, but those are on your network?

Vitalik - Yes, there are many of them and they are everywhere.

@aggroed - great. So, you'll have to do. How's the kitten business?

Vitalik - Well, I'll tell you, it's so popular that it's actually cause slight problems in the Ethereum network.

@aggroed - How so?

Vitalik - Well, Ethereum can only handle so many transactions per day. Actually we're at max capacity already. We have on the office white board a new term: KPS. It stands for kittens per second, and right now we're maxed out at our kitten capacity. So every transaction going forward is going to get more expensive and you'll need more gas to actually get things through faster, but even with that we can't keep up with these fucking cats. I'm nervous where this is going with even more kittens coming from the digital factory.

@aggroed- How is this going to effect my kitten investments? I'm planning on trading roughly 8000 kittens a day myself.

Vitalik - Well, you must have already seen the tweet by crypto kittens that the price is going up to even get them. I think the price will have to keep rising, because if they leave the price as $25 USD it will make our network crawl. Like a little itty bitty cute and cudly kitten.

@aggroed - just how big of a deal is this?

Vitalik. Well did you see this recent tweet?

These cats make up 25% of all network transactions right now. For the moment I'm happy, but sometimes I do wonder what will happen if crypto dogs comes along. I mean, we're over capacity as it is. The network literally can't handle this many transaction already. cryptodog, cryptosloths, cryptomilfs... as they expand this business we have literally no transactional room to expand.... fuck... I should probably call that asshole @dan to figure out what to do.

@aggroed - Oh, I saw a recent price trend. How do you think investors are responding.

Vitalik- Go fuck yourself.

@aggroed - I take it no free Lambos for me today?

For whatever reason the interview ended abruptly, but rest assured more cats are coming and the world waits for ethereum's solution to it.

Photo source: thanks @agacc

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Those Kitties are somehow awesome but it´s ridiculous that they basically showed that Ethereum can´t really handle a huge load of transactions...

Maybe they´ll be remembered as the real Ethereum Killer one day :D




Maybe they will hardfork the kitties and it will lead to another clone.

Hilarious buddy.
This cryptokitten phenomenon just shows how truly moronic some people are. I reckon your text isn't that far off how it would go if you actually bumped into Vitaly Buterin and asked the same questions, he must be pissed right now.

make kitties on steem and show them how it is done

Seems like a catastrophic situation for their network.



Hehehe, That was a purrfect interview!!


Haha pissa!

so fucking funny i literally fell of my chair....wait til crypto fairies comes out...oh wait thats vitalik



Yeah, the one thing I'll power down everything for! Gotta catch'em all!

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Lol! Haha. Well I'm no big fan of cryptokitties, but if it was cryptopuppues I would have put all my investment there xD

I want a cryptosloth more than I can even express. If they do come out, I'm in.

Lol, so this is how cryptos is gonna reach a broader public... Cute kittens always shows up in some shape.

Great response to your post amazing!

You ran into Vitalik? That's just great! Make my day!
Thank God he was honest about the state of the ethereum network (overloaded and going the way of bitcoin - higher transaction fees to keep it going)

Your post has been resteemed to my 2500 followers

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Whoever thought digital kitties would kill a currency.

Maybe EOS will try crypto puppies.
Then it can be tested under fire.

So, we want to see the same on the Steem Blockchain?

♡♥♡ classic photo ♡♥♡

Great interview. Much LOLs.

How would you feel as Vitalik right now. Invented some ground breaking tech....and it's killer app turns out to be a bunch of digital cats. So sad!

Kitties, that's something new for me. Going to check more about them, something that engaged 25% of ether block chain must be something intresting to know about, just one question,Is that conversation really happened, cause it looks so funny