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Cryptocurrencies are disrupting the way people carry out their financial transactions. New cryptocurrency projects are being created by the day. Financial technology projects on the blockchain technology that will ease financial processes and make it cheaper, more efficient and reliable for people. A lot of people are moving away from the conventional banks to transacting on the blockchain and the use of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are bringing changes to the financial institutions and businesses that the banks should not underestimate. Cryptocurrencies are the future of money regardless of the fact that the mainstream society is yet to accept and recognize its importance and use. The blockchain is harnessing a lot of businesses on its technology that is changing the world positively.

Some proactive traditional banks aren’t immune to the cryptocurrency euphoria. They are investigating the technology behind the cryptocurrency for possible adoption. The technology behind ripple cryptocurrency is being adopted by some banks. The cryptocurrency is the future in financial services because the crypto-coin has no boundary it can be transacted from any part of the world within seconds.

The Kvantor project is out to build a platform that will work with the banks to provide financial services for international businesses. Banks and cryptocurrencies can coexist to give the best financial services to humanity and Kvantor will give the much-needed transfer and direct settlement option using the blockchain technology.

What is Kvantor?

The Kvantor project has created a platform in the blockchain technology that will work with traditional banks to provide a new financial transfer and direct settlement service. The platform has created financial business models and structure that will work hand in hand with the banks to give the best payment option to individuals and businesses. Bank guarantee and factoring are digitalized with Kvantor to elevate the financial need of a business with ease and convenience. The Kvantor platform aims to provide direct settlement for its clients through interbank transfers, banking services, and exchange trade services.

Stakeholders in The Kvantor Project

The Kvantor project opens a world of opportunities to all its stakeholders using its decentralized blockchain technology for a quick financial transfer and direct settlement. These stakeholders are:

1. The Companies:
Companies using the Kvantor project will benefit from the decentralized platform where their data and information is secured on the blockchain technology. Their records are safe and cannot be tempered. The platform offers a verification of counterparts to find out their reputation and status before any business dealings. It makes available a direct settlement of businesses in the seller’s currency making it cheaper and not dependent on FOREX and conversion rate. The use of all documents needed in international trade is digitalized using a smart contract which makes it convenient. A client need not visit the bank for that purpose. Company’s information is protected and is made available only to the authorized regulatory agency. The Platform has provided a secured, reliable and convenient environment on the blockchain using smart contract for all services including logistics and insurance.

2. The Government:
The Kvantor platform will generate revenue for the government and help in achieving its policy and objectives. It will help to protect the government on the business policy by implementing the rules and regulations in international trade. The platform will help grow and stabilize the economies of the countries by making payment in their national currencies. The platform will create a governmental settlement platform thereby decreasing the need for foreign currency. The platform will also support the business need of the country by providing an effective, efficient and reliable payment platform.

3.The banks:
The banks play prominent role payment processes which are being taken over by the cryptocurrency. The Kvantor platform intends to make the banks relevant by including them in its payment system. The Kvantor platform has integrated the banks on its platform to carry out settlement processes using a more effective and efficient mechanism. The blockchain smart contract is used to create all the procedures needed in executing a payment and settlement transaction such as bank guarantee, factoring, logistics, and insurance. The platform provides a secure environment where information is confidential and releases to only authorized bodies. It makes easier settlement processes and procedures to all stakeholders by minimizing the time it takes to execute a transaction. This will gain the confidence of their customer and will bring in more customer. The platform will provide a better alternative payment platform to the existing one in use.

The Token

1.KVANTOR: The KVANTOR digital token is a license to a non-exclusive right to the result of intellectual activity (software) and revenue generation from it on exclusive terms The KVANTOR token is a unit of account for K.KEY licensees. The owner of 1 KVANTOR token may receive 0.0000003% of proceeds from the sale of KVANTOR.TECH

2.KVARK tokens: KVARK token is a unit of accounting licenses for the Products (the equivalent is a license key or SKU
in corporate licensing agreements). The initial value of the KVARK token is US $ 1 and is further determined by the market.

Project Ratings

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The Kvantor project is out to implement global financial technology projects in banking and trade using its advanced technology of direct settlement. With the Kvantor platform, the dollar is not necessarily needed. Settlement can be made in contractor's national currency. The project is backed by a team of professionals that are working very hard to achieve the goals of the project.

For more detailed information. Visit the project reference links:
Website: https://kvantor.com/
Whitepaper: https://kvantor.com/docs/whitepaper_en.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kvantorcom/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kvantor_com
Telegram: https://t.me/kvantorcom

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