CryptoHIT: The Decentralized Financial Gaming Platform Powered By The Blockchain Technology

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As online and offline games have become incredibly popular with the quick spread of the eSports with platforms as well as technological developments, the number of the players are increasing year by year. Global challenges, as well as game rewards, make the games even more attractive to the players, so most of the games go viral quickly and create referral loops. As the gaming community grows exponentially, they are facing with several issues regarding the rewards and redeeming them, because most of the existing platforms and games do not provide a chance to earn real money in exchange for game tokens or game rewards. Also, some of the players are willing to use their awards in other games, but again it is not possible within the current gaming environment. Although there are some initiatives to offer solutions to these issues such as Sony Rewards program, proposals are not able to satisfy the players and be stable. Players look for alternatives such as selling their rewards using various networks and platforms, but the transparency and security issues have emerged as another challenge for them. At this point, talented and progressive CryptoHIT team members decided to offer robust solutions to existing problems in the industry. 

CryptoHIT team introduces the decentralized financial CryptoHIT platform powered by the blockchain technology that will enable the fast, transparent, inevitable and secure transactions as well as provide fantastic gaming experience. Participants of the platform will be able to benefit from the services and features of the safe and reliable gaming ecosystem. CryptoHIT aims to prevent all types of fraud incidents protecting identities and rights of the participants with the help of the blockchain technology, so both players and game developers will no longer have to face with bothersome and upsetting problems. Moreover, CryptoHIT team detects that most of the players are inclined to switch games when they feel bored or hear about other attractive games, but they all have to give up their progress and rewards. The visionary and innovative CryptoHIT team members intend to solve this problem enabling the transfer of earned tokens, so players will never have to lose their tokens and titles thanks to the opportunity to make progress in the new games using their tokens. Besides, participants of the CryptoHIT platform will be able to trade their game characters and items within the platform in exchange for tokens and fiat money, and they will bet on the games using their tokens.       

Furthermore, participants of the CryptoHIT platform will control their profile, interact with other players, have access to the internal exchange, and enjoy voice tools and streaming features. These services and features demonstrate that gamers will find what they look for within the single platform, and they will always find various games and activities all the time. Along with the players, game developers will benefit from the sustainable and secure platform earning their tokens and rewards based on their activities and their contribution to the further development of the ecosystem. The ERC20 Ethereum compliant Galactic Credit Coins (GAC) will be used for the all the services and features within the platform guaranteeing the transparency and security. In addition to GAC tokens, participants of the platform will be able to use the internal currency of Utility Non-Inflatable Tickets (UNIT) for some of the games.     

Participants of the platform will earn GAC tokens, exchange them as they wish and convert them to Ethereum within the CryptoHIT platform, so they will have a chance to convert their progress or game rewards and monetize them. Also, CryptoHIT platform offers attractive services and features for the game developers thanks to the existence of API and SDK so that developers will enjoy the advanced technology, enormous profits, low fees and zero marketing costs. Overall, both players and developers will benefit from the general system of authorization, superior, user-friendly profile, currency auction, exchange of game items, advanced payment system, player analytics system, platforms for community, quests, arbitration as well as bet and drawing system. At first, participants of the platforms will be able to play sophisticated Gold Miners, Smart War, War Band, and The Scent of Freedom games. Check out the official website for more information, GAC tokens, games and many other opportunities!     

Token Sale 

CryptoHIT team introduces the GAC tokens with the 50 million supply that will be used for the services, rewards programs, and payments within the CryptoHIT ecosystem. Holder will be able to participate in all the activities in the platform and enjoy great profits with the growth of the community and the CryptoHIT.    

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