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Hello, hello it's that time again all you crypto-fanatics! NOM NOM NOM! You are officially invited to participate in the daily #CryptoGuessContest!! A real simple daily contest (M-F) that anyone can participate in. All you have to do to win, is be the psychic guru with the closest prices the next time this contest runs the following day! It is at random times to keep it interesting. All prices will be taken from Coin Market Cap and you can put your guesses in either BTC value or USD value. Just be sure to specify which. We are going to choose 3 coins. You guess the prices. Easy right?


  1. Must upvote this post, (resteem to help the cause)
  2. Predictions will need to be sent via wallet messages. Simply send 0.001 SBD or 0.001 STEEM to @killerwhale with your guesses.
  3. Guesses for the next day should be in around 1200 hours CST. You have a slight cushion as I use wallet times.
  4. Specify the currency you are guessing in or it will be discarded.


The prize is simply 20% of the projected payout from this post. For example, if the previous day's post is worth 5 dollars at the time of posting the new coins, the winner will receive 1 SBD. The more people vote and play...the bigger the rewards will be. You may even get some surprise upvotes from a few of #thealliance members...

Coins for Friday (053018) and prices now:

  1. Ripple (XRP) - $0.6200 USD
  2. TRON - $0.0591 USD
  3. STEEM - $2.40 USD

Welcome back! NOM NOM Let's see who was yesterday's crypto-guru! And the winner is... @xtel, welcome back to the winner's circle! You pegged XRP on the nose! Well done! You have won a guesstimated 1.43 SBD from yesterday's coins. Congratulations! Now then, let's play again everyone and have a great week!

Today's Coins & Prices at Posting:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)) - $7554.07 USD
  2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - $1003.74 USD
  3. STEEM - $2.40 USD

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So initiative and interesting contest.i want to join this cryptocurrancy contest.thanks for sharing this.

Interesting content..:)