🔁***DAILY***🔁 📈📉Crypto-Guess📉📈 Contest! (122217)

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Hello, hello you denizens of Steemit! You are officially invited to participate in the daily #CryptoGuessContest!! A real simple daily contest that anyone can participate in. All you have to do to win, is be the psychic guru with the closest prices the next time this contest runs the following day! It is at random times to keep it interesting. All prices will be taken from http://coinmarketcap.com and you can put your guesses in either BTC value or USD value. Just be sure to specify which. We are going to choose 3 coins. You guess the prices. Easy right?


  1. Upvote and please resteem this post.
  2. In the comments below, put your price predictions for tomorrow.
  3. Specify the currency you are guessing in or it will be discarded.
  4. Guesses for the next day must be in by 1100 hours CST


The prize is simply the estimated SBD generated from this post. So, the more people vote and play...the bigger the rewards will be. You may even get some surprise upvotes from a few of #thealliance members...

Coins for yesterday (122117) and prices now:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC) - $14331.70 USD
  2. Litecoin (LTC) - $276.52 USD
  3. Electroneum (ETN) - $0.0962 USD

The winner for yesterday is... @brokenzombie! Stepping into the winner circle for the first time! Your reward is roughly 4 SBD. Let's play again everyone :) NOM NOM!

Today's Coins & Prices at Posting:

  1. Ethereum (ETH) - $708.03 USD
  2. LISK - $20.84 USD
  3. Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) - $325.45 USD

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Ethereum (ETH) - $738
LISK - $21.40
Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) - $338


NOM (Lisk)

Ethereum (ETH) - $758.03 USD
LISK - $21.84 USD
Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) - $335.45 USD

edited because had wrong 3 coins lol

Ethereum (ETH) - $ 680.00 USD
LISK - $ 15.20 USD
Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) - $ 370.89 USD

Ethereum (ETH) - $608.06 USD
LISK - $20.00 USD
Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) - $375.45 USD

Ethereum (ETH) - $795.22 USD
LISK - $23.33 USD
Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) - $339.44 USD
Thank for the contest

Eth: 734 USD
List: 21.7 usd
BTCD: 336.1 usd

Ethereum (ETH) - $656.76 USD
LISK - $17.84 USD
Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) - $372.85 USD

Ethereum (ETH) - $747.89 USD
LISK - $19.73 USD
Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) - $382.43 USD