Jump Start: Summary & Series Links

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My latest short story is a science fiction tale called Jump Start. The hero, or rather antihero is called Jason Pullman. He works in a dystopian future whereby your place in society is determined by the biological augmentations you have.

Pullman cannot accept his place in the social scheme of things, he aspires for a more fulfilling life with greater rewards, but knows that he has not got the money to afford him the tech needed to succeed.

Working at a biological augmentation company means that he gets to see the beautiful people everyday, which only serves to fuel his yearning to be one of them.

It also gives him the opportunity to pull off what will be the most audacious crime ever attempted. However in order to do so Pullman has to clone himself, something that is strictly forbidden and carries a high penalty.

However Pullman thinks it is worth it and colludes with the CEO of another biotech company in order to commit the perfect crime.

Things though do not go as planned, and Pullman is stuck in a situation whereby there is at least one copy of him walking around, and that copy is not happy with him.

Follow Jason Pullman's adventures below:

The Story So Far

Jump Start: Part 1

Jump Start: Part 2

Jump Start: Part 3

Jump Start: Part 4

Jump Start: Part 5

Jump Start: Part 6

Jump Start: Part 7

Jump Start: Part 8



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