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Card Mashup

Welcome to the Tides of Magic

We are a trading card game on the ethereum that allows assets from other crypto games to be loaded into our platform and played with. This is a challenging hurdle but we are passionate that these types of games move blockchain in the right direction. Not only should game assets be on-chain, but they all should be able to interact with each other, regardless of the project.

Card Backs

Initially, upon release, there will be 5 schools of magic available, each with their own pack of cards. These come in two gradations, standard and elite.

Standard cards start at the price of 0.0272 eth and increase at a rate of 0.00033 eth per pack.
Buying packs in bulk locks-in the price and doesn’t incur an increase. Elite packs are double the price of standard cards and naturally, have better drop rates.

There are legend packs as well. These grant the highest chance of getting rare cards. The price is set at 0.272eth and does not increase. There are no elite versions of these packs as ‘legend’ is as rare as it gets.

The cards accessible in one magic school pack will not be accessible in others. Legend packs, however, will have all the cards in the current set accessible to them.

Packs of cards can score you minions, spells, and habitats. Minions fight for you, spells perform special actions and habitats produce mana. Habitats also perform additional functionality but we will go more in-depth about them in future medium posts.

This will be an inclusive card game, meaning if you own erc721 tokens from another crypto-game our game will allow it to be added into decks.

Not all cards will work by default as some cards from other games are much too powerful and will have their stats reigned back. Also, permission has to be given to us to use their artwork.

Other Games Assets

How does it work?

So you’re an avid player of one of these games and you wanna know how to claim your cards, read on…

For each game we represent we have differing protocols for loading assets as each game is unique and has different hurdles to overcome. The first and most important thing to know is that we don't own the assets from other games, we are just allowing you to load in your tokens, we can't sell them on your behalf or anything of the sort. Our cards are just a reference to the token you already own.

With Etheremon if you own a particular monster we will have a card for you with stats that resemble the rarity of that monster.

Other Games Assets

In Crypto Punks, we will randomize the punk id and use that to determine which of the 10 punks you receive.

Other Games Assets

With Axie Infinity it will work similarly to CryptoPunks in that we will use the axies birthday plus matron id to determine which of the 14 axies you get. There is an additional axie that will be given out as an erc721 TOM token near launch. It will be given out for free but it will be limited in number. This guy.

With Ethercraft anyone in possession of the erc20 corn token will receive a set corn minion. There will more ethercraft tokens support in the future.

We just added Axie Infinity, Ethercraft and CryptoPunk assets into our library. Feel free to check it out here.

In addition, we added company filters throughout our site so you can see our rendition on some of your favorite assets.

Currently we are working on importing the 160+ etheremon into our website. It's massive just we work fast.

If you have any questions or want to do a collaboration with us just shoot us a message in our discord.

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