Win a Free ETH.Town Hero and get a 100% Upvote

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Winner @Erick777- they won a LVL-0 ETH.Town Hero!

ETH.Town is Taking Off!

ETH.Town keeps churning through more and more ETH. They have reached the top of Dappradar in record time. I think its only a matter of time that this game gets exposed to some kind of mainstream media. The game is producing major dividends for token holders. Not only that, but there is a gem pot. You can earn this valuable gems just by sending your Hero on adventures. You can also fight your Hero against other player's Heroes. You receive 1 gem just for losing! So now that you know all the free ways you can make ETH with ETH.Town, its time to giveaway 1 more Hero. I will be trying a new giveaway format that should make things easier for the both of us! To enter for the ETH.Town LVL-0 Hero:

Enter Here

Only entries that complete all the steps will be valid. All valid entries will receive a 100% Upvote!

-The winner will be drawn in The-CIty

You have 72 hours to claim your prize after the drawing. You must message me on Mr. Contest Discord to claim your prize!

Need 💰?

You can purchase 💰 by winning an auction @ . Right now all the auctions are at bottom prices, so you either get a great deal 💰 or win some ETH!

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Congrats @Erick777 One more chance for the rest of us :) Mr. Contest, you're the best! Some mainstream media play for ETH.Town would put it over the top. Remember how Cryptokitties took off? ETH.Town has done the slow, steady build really well. Time to blow the top off it

I agree... I want my hero to be worth 10k and ETIT .1 ETH!

My entries complete name:shariful islam sujon

Nice, love the use of, very smooth

Done, I like the new format! Also need an character to get that legendary chibi helmet :D

do I have to comment here?!
If so then I just wanted to say I think I'm going to enjoy this contest!

Your content is very nice brittuf .
I need eth town . I hope this is helpful . Your doing is very well .
Thanks for sharing @brittuf

Good article.....

Thanks for sharing, I did not know about this. I will read more


i am complete all the step and thanks for contest @brittuf


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Completed all steps and entered ;)

Thanks for doing the contest :D

Great job! your content is your content is outstanding. I need eth. town and I hope this is very helpful. Thank you so much for share with us @brittuf

Completed all steps and entered. Thanks for contest :)

Thanks for a great article making for our knowledge....

Thanks for a great article @brittuf! Just wanted to let you know that I've upvoted this at 10%, I'm also resteeming it to all my followers!

I like that you are using Gleam, that should also make your life easier checking to see if all the steps were completed.

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Congrats man

Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Hi brittuf
How are you ?
I am manjubd , i am new in your blog . Great contest . I am empress your eth town .
My discord name :manjubd