The CryptoPrize Truck is About to Pull into The-City

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The-City is about to be Restocked!

Every item will be in stock accept for the Steem Gold Chain within the next 24 hours. You can find all you favorite CryptoGaming Assets in the !store. I will be adding a CryptoMinerWorld gem to the !store this week for 💰2,000,000 moneybags. This may seem like a lot, but in The-City you can work, crime, slut, gamble, chicken fight and comment your way to tons of 💰moneybags. If you love football like I do, you can also win 💰moneybags by entering in my Beat the Capper posts. I do a post for College and NFL. All you have to do is pick more winners than me and you win. I have also just added baseball Beat the Cappers with MLBCryptobaseball giveaways. If you like to bet on games, I offer bets on Monday and Thursday Night Football. Just leave your bet post in #general.

Winner Winner

@saini you won this weeks 💰1/2 Million Moneybags. Please go to The-CIty and DM me (@Brittuf/Mr.Contest) on discord and I will send you your winnings.

Enter to Win 💰1/2 Million Moneybags

What can you buy with MoneyBags💰?

You can purchase CryptoGaming Assets for popular Games like ChibiFighters, SteemMontsters, CryptoKitties, Eth.Town Heroes, Zethr Tokens and More is added constantly. Just visit the #hall-of-fame to see all the claimed prizes already in The-City

Join The Guild

I have started a Mr. Contest Guild. This guild is on the steemvoter app. Joining my guild will automatically upvote my posts and posts that I upvote. This will help to grow our community and get you huge curation rewards. Lets all make some Steem together. Join the Mr. Contest Guild

Need MoneyBags💰?

You can purchase moneybags💰 by winning an auction @ The-CIty Auctions . When you win an auction you receive moneybags💰 every 24 hours, so you either get a great deal moneybags💰 or win some ETH when you get outbid!


That 500k💰 could break me into the millionaire's club. 🤞Wish me luck....🥂

You got a 7.07% upvote from @upme thanks to @brittuf! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% from your share, daily payouts ( no commission ).
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Money all around but no one is ready to pick :p

Winner Winner Mr Contest post! Mr Contest Worldwide Services. I've been thinking about checking out Cryptokitties again. I haven't been on there in ages. Maybe I can get me a kitty.

yeah the kitties have comeback some, but I don't think they will get back to the glory days

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