Jan 19th Game News Roundup - New EtherCraft items, CryptoPets partnership, and MORE!

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Hello crypto game fans! I’m Ciel and I’m bringing you all your crypto gaming news updates!

Let’s get started!


EtherCraft has an update for us that includes new translations, some improvements to website display, and new crafting items in preparation for their crafting system.

Augmentors has a short but sweet community update for us.

Spells of Genesis has released the results of their player survey. Take a look at how folks feel about the game! Also their CEO Shaban Shaame will be doing a talk in London on January 23rd.

If you’re a game dev, you may be interested in StakeTree, which is essentially an on-going crowdfunding platform on ethereum. The project has a few updates you may be interested in.

CryptoPets has announced their partnership with game developer Arcade Distillary. In this update, they also mention that their blockchain environment will be designed to work across multiple platforms. The image header shows faded images of different cryptos, not just ethereum as was originally assumed. Does this mean that they’re going multi-chain? The project has also had lots of changes to art style since December so let’s see where they finally settle.

Beyond the Void’s Star Baron Store is up and available for players! BtV is also launching weekly events to help players unlock skills faster.

Subprime Crypto has re-launched with some big fixes and new properties.


Short update for today! See you next time! :3

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