Panel: Introduction to EOS w/ Kevin Rose, David Packham & Yves La Rose. CryptoFinance 2018 VIDEO

Welcoming over 40 block producers for the global EOS BP Summit last Friday, BitSpace decided to also devote time to EOS with a panel discussion at the CryptoFinance main event on Saturday. While discussions and talks had been very much in depth the day prior, this segment was directed towards the general crowd, serving as a general introduction to the platform that is EOS.


Kevin Rose, Co-Founder and Head of Community at EOS New York
David Packham, Head of Strategy at EOS42
Yves La Rose, CEO and Co-Founder of EOS Nation
Matthew Bryce, CMO at BitSpace and BitGate (moderator)

Topics included: What is EOS? What is the role of a block producer? Do BPs compete or collaborate? What is the difference between EOS and Governance: How are collective decisions made in the network? What are dApps? How to overcome the challenge of communication between East and West? 2019 projections for investment and business. Where to begin if curious about EOS?

Stay tuned for more CryptoFinance content!


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