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  • Canadian exchange Bull Bitcoin announced that it has lowered its rates and raised transaction limits. The exchange removed all fees for wire transfers, bank transfers and direct debit. It also simplified KYC thresholds, eliminated Proof of Residence requirements, reduced the exchange rate differential, and reduced invoice payment times. The measures, as reported by the Canadian firm, were taken as an exception due to the economic crisis.

  • The high-performance blockchain Solana has partnered with Terra, the blockchain-based payment network. The two firms will build a new symbolic bridge that will facilitate the transfer of stablecoins from Terra to the Solana dapp ecosystem.

  • Enjin Wallet reported that it has been certified in China, which means that it is now also accessible globally. As part of the update, the wallet has added support for Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which means the wallet already supports ENS domains.

  • South Korean exchange Bithumb said it is highly likely to remove Monero (XMR) from its roster in the wake of the Telegram case, for which a rape and exploitation graphic video dealer is believed to have paid its administrators on the popular altcoin. The exchange's token audit committee has blacklisted XMR for 30 days. If the token remains on the list until the end of that period, it will be automatically removed from the platform. Bithumb had been under mounting pressure to remove Monero after rival platform Huobi Korea, the other exchange in the nation that ran XMR, announced that it was withdrawing the coin earlier this month.

  • KuCoin.com, the main web domain of the KuCoin exchange, has been blocked since late March by order of the Singapore High Court. The court issued a temporary injunction on March 24 that prohibits KuCoin from moving its assets, including its website, from the country.

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