The march to my first Million

in #cryptodreams2 years ago (edited)

I refuse to believe gaining 1,000,000. Steem power can not be achieved by me. My future home is 3.5 Mil

We should not settle for anything less then the best for ourselves. Life can be discouraging. not having a career or an outstanding skill will just make you cheep labor, And knowledge to do something with no tools or equipment to preform that desired skill. Mine is becoming a professional Film Editor At Wayward Studios, This of coarse is only my training, I can only hope that in the future i can make a Commercial for a cool half mil. haha. I will be using Steem to begin this journey as well, investing is the direct key to wealth. Knowing what the future will hold with undieing certainty that you will and can do it. This is motivation if for anyone but mostly myself.

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