XAYA the combination of videogames and cryptocurrencies

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I always want to learn more about new technologies, new ways to innovate the market and sometimes I get with certain pages or companies that really surprise me, this time I stumbled upon XAYA, an innovative way to combine videogames with cryptocurrencies.


XAYA even has original games without any server, in this new decentralized game universe, the player will have control of their assets, this will be done with the ability to change their assets online in real value with the use of cryptocurrencies through of exchanges and may also share the profit potential with the developers.

XAYA is really a great change in the world of video games and cryptocurrencies, with its blockchain technology players can get assets and use them within the game, a very useful and easy market, they are also working to expand their universe of video games with two games that are soon to come out, Treat Fighters and Soccer Manager.


The game that caught me at first sight was Treat Fighter, its character design is really eye-catching, simple and beautiful. the game is set in a fictional world called Canedoom, you can cook your best fighters for the battle. Ready for fight? prepare your favorite recipe and enter to the battle.

But then I could read about Soccer Manager. Soccer Manager being powered by the XAYA platform can allow a more realistic game, you can use your assets as money in the game, buy players, stadium, a great way to be a realistically Manager.

XAYA is doing a really excellent job that should be noted, for the first time we will have a game that really, will make you feel like a manager, as if you were really living it.


Some good aspects of XAYA:

As I said before, they seek that there is no fraud with the market of their currency, so they take security measures and some of its characteristics that can be highlighted is that faster processes. Easier processes It is not necessary to trust a third party. Everything will be between you and the buyer.

As many know, cryptocurrencies get their value from many users who make many transactions with the currency, XAYA having its currency linked to videogames may have a large mobilization of it, if the games work in an optimal way, we can expect a good performance of the currency.

Some bad aspects of XAYA:

It may sound to you that XAYA is a dream, is not it? Well, the truth is that not everything is quite right, it has two disadvantages: the time and cost of the concept to the market is enormous and, there is a greater demand for richer and more complex games, and games in which time is not wasted.

Some players want more complex games but it is not easy for programmers, since their creation takes a lot of time and money, they also want a game where they do not waste time on secondary things (The time they invest in the game is also money) they are problems that strengthen each other.

Although every problem has its solution, I trust that XAYA can solve these problems or can join other companies to strengthen their weak points, I really believe that XAYA can become an innovative idea in which many players will be inside it. What do you think about this?


Their token called Chi is available in the market and for the next 27 days XAYA will be giving away some tokens on its official website, enter and take advantage of this opportunity.

Good use of cases:

I will show as an example of Soccer Manager, the game allows you to buy characters, stadiums, do business as in other videogames, only that this time that money you use within it, is real money, you can get a great experience feel the reality of the game, not only is it a game, it is your own training for be an all Soccer Manager and probably people who are not related to cryptocurrencies can go deeper into this world thanks to the combination of video games and cryptocurrencies, it can that awakens their curiosity and we have more users to mobilize the market, giving more value to the coins.

Something that I also expect from XAYA are his new plans, the creation in other fields of videogames, such as Collectible card games, Real-time strategy games (RTS), Turn-based games, MMORPGs.

I would love to see the evolution that XAYA will have in the future (without saying that I love the MMORPGs) I know that XAYA will not disappoint me, what do you think? Do you take the risk of starting at XAYA?


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