Get Paid To Play All Your Media - Spotify, YouTube And More! + Free Tokens

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How would you like to get paid for listening to your favorite generic pop songs?

Or how would you like to get paid for watching dank meme compilations?

Sounds to good to be true? Well, the power of blockchain seems to have no boundaries whatsoever! is an app that will reward you for playing media of all sorts.

Here's a video that explains what is Current


Obviously, you won't be making millions and millions of dollars just for watching cat videos all day...

But if you're spending money on subscriptions, then it can be a great way to reduce the cost or get it absolutely for free!

If you're like me and you listen to music 24/7, you're definitely going to find this app very useful...

There's already a functional app on the Apple store which you can try out!

Sadly, there's no Android version as of yet, so I couldn't try it out yet

And I'm definitely not going to buy a new phone just to try this out...


The team behind this project seems to have a great reputation and most of them are already very successful people.

But don't take my word for it! You can check out more about the team on the official website:

This project already has a huge following, so getting in early can be a good idea.

If we were to talk about investing into this token, I think it's definitely a good coin to invest in, but make sure to invest only what you're comfortable to lose.

Nobody can predict where any crypto will go, down or high... So, do your research before investing into Current token (CRNC).

I'll definitely keep an eye on this token and the whole project. I want to see where it goes in the future and I want an Android app NOW!

But I'll have to wait for that... Hopefully it won't take a thousands years to get it on android.




By registering on the website ( you can earn some free tokens.

How do you do that? By referring your link to your friends or anyone you like.

Here's what a referral link looks like:

You can earn up to 100$ value worth of tokens.

Well, I don't mind getting some free tokens for minimal amount of work...

I know you would love to get some free tokens as well, so go ahead, register and share your link with your friends!

A lot of people will definitely sign up, because who doesn't want to get some tokens for watching dank memes on YouTube or listening to some AC/DC on Spotify?

I'm all up for that!


Register Here


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Obviously, you won't be making millions and millions of dollars just for watching cat videos all day...

Noooooo! Flagged and Unfollowed. :O


Nooooo! Stay, I was jusy joking. You'll make at least a thousand dollars for each cat video you watch!!


That's more like it :P

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Thank you for the cool comment!


Gosh, thank you @reddust for the minnowvote! I really appreciate this kind of support!


I have always enjoyed talking to you and your quality post, you are welcome @trendo <3


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