SECURE your phone to SECURE your Crypto's!

in #cryptocurreny3 years ago

If you own crypto's, have money or a reputation to lose then beware. Your smartphone is the gateway to it all.

If you live in the US then protect yourself by switching to the most secure mobile operator in the world.

Google "SIM hack theft" or "SIM hack crypto" and you will find an endless list of thefts which took minutes to execute. Hackers exploit weaknesses in the SIM cards, they hack into the backend of a mobile operator or they can pay a phone store employee to report your phone lost/stolen and simply switch you like that.

Protect your crypto, bitcoin, IRA, brokerage, cloud content, protect it all!


I got SIM hacked last year. Wish I had this service, was costly in both money and time and T-Mobile protected the hacker more than me.

when I was in the US a few year ago I had my SIM swapped somehow. The hackers found that I had no money though so nothing to take hahahaha! good idea for a business though.

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