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RE: You are the Elites: Financial Newsletter review and how you are secretly smarter than veterans + My outrageous prediction and Why Bitcoin will never be P2P Electronic Cash

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I think in a very very short period of time HUMANITIES OBSESSION with money (mine included) will COME to an END. AI will render "money" useless. It will happen should happen well BEFORE ALL JOBS are LOST. We should have self driving cars rolling out in a few years, that should be when we see money really start to lose its VALUE OR we will have a WAR.

All of course are my guesses, but ain't gonna be to many jobs needed when truckers are replaced (3 million i think in U.S.) and then all the support jobs and services for those dudes who used to drive the trucks, the lodges, the food stops, insurance blah blah blah. The nature of how we work (used too) and interact is being reconstructed. The great AWAKENING HAS BEGUN!


Most of the farmers ended up finding other jobs. That's how humanity evolve. We wouldn't have movies and video games if people were just farmers. AI will force people to become more creative and think creative. I've had discussions about psycho-evolution on steemit. Maybe I'd make a post on that. The main point is that humans have a second layer of evolution with its own natural selection.

Animals of the same species don't differ heavily when it comes to psychological aspects. But humans have lazy bums and Tesla. When AI takes over easier and more mechanical tasks, human technological progress itself will become a natural predator and force humanity to be smarter and think creatively.

We'll have a paradigm shift in jobs; not a loss in jobs.

I think many will choose. join AI or remain natural and die naturally. Thanks for your thoughts, it will be intersting for sure. Money is ONLY the result of HUMAN input required for the desired OUTPUT , is that correct ? There will ultimately BE NO human output (in my mind) I think sooner nextt 15-20 years maybe sooner, but I could be wrong, increase in tech progress IS EXPONENTIAL, those robots were stumbling around just a few tears ago, now they are flipping. In my mind. There are NO jobs in a world where super intelligence exists, there is no money needed to produce anything and beyond that I have no freaking idea. How am I wrong about no jobs is my question? If I can have AI literally grow the food, harvest the food, cook the food, serve the food, and then clean up, who do I pay?

Money is ONLY the result of HUMAN input required for the desired OUTPUT

That sounds more like an investment, which is done using money. Money is basically Barter 2.0 -A medium of exchange.

If I can have AI literally grow the food, harvest the food, cook the food, serve the food, and then clean up, who do I pay?

Who's going to write poetry and make movies? Who's going to improve the tech and develop AI. Life is more than eat,sleep, procreate and die. Farmers must have never thought of Star Trek, Starcraft, Space Travel, VR, Blockchain, Submarines, man made islands, mobile phones, teleporters, space colonization, Faster than Light travel, holograms etc etc etc.

There will be jobs and money will be used. Long time ago farmer was middle class. Now you have to be a doctor. In the future you'd have to be Doctor House to have a job or be as half as good as Sherlock to become a police inspector.

Well of course money is being used now and must be used however after you "initiate" your FIRST AI (general) that you buy that will be the LAST time you technically ever NEED "money". I mean I could very well be wrong but I just do not see where. the AI at that point should be able to provide throught its OWN energy the basics at a minimum, but remember, your AI can work 24 hours a day and NEVER needs to sleep, so even if your AI needed to go out and earn (which it won't) it could do that while we sleep and still be home to serve breakfast, wake the kids , clean the house etc etc etc etc. So then we have millions of AI's "working" and they work much faster than us and they are much smarter than us and so then we go to the beach?

The AI is going to do EVERYTHING you ask "who will do?" that because it will be FAR more intelligent and AGILE and never gets tired. T. Kazynski was correct, we will end up sheep very likely.

We will see. I disagree STRONGLY BUT, I have been WRONG so many times before.

Why do you think AI will not be writing and making entertainment?

-Do you AGREE that ULTIMATELY AI WILL be MANY times more intelligent, have essentially limitless energy, and think faster among a host of other abilities ALL that are faster and more powerful than our abilities?

We will be pets. Have you read Theodore Kaszcinski's manifesto?

Evolution will split humanity into 2 sub-species. We currently have the rich and poor. In future we'll have People who tell machines what to do and people who are told by machines what to do.

AI works based on preset lines of code and self learning. They can't trigger a quantum leap or a paradigm shift. They will simply takeover the middle class jobs. An AI will never become a Tesla or Nietzsche or Picasso.

An AI could make MCU or Disney movies. But they won't make anything wildly innovative. They won't invent another Star Wars but they will be able to continue the franchise after it's created.

Have you read Theodore Kaszcinski's manifesto?

I didn't know the Unabomber had a manifesto. But I know I'd rather live with AI than the likes of terrorists.

Oh brother read it , he saw this very clearly or it was just another lie that they told us which is possible too, to make me (us) believe all this wack.
The 2 sub species split looks very likely and is mentioned in the Bible I believe (mark of the beast-is the chip you probably heard that)

link to his manifest-read a little if you have time tell me what you think if you can. spooky like everything else
Have a super day!

mark of the beast

One more reason I think of Ancient Aliens when I think about the Bible. All psychopathic elitists aim for control. So no matter which planet or space station they are, they'll attempt the same stuff.

I partially read the manifesto and I disagree with most parts. My thinking better expressed here:

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