What are your first impressions about Presearch? (details inside)

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"Presearch is a decentralized search engine, powered by the community."

That's what their main claim is. A decentralized search engine powered by the members, not just one single company. And this is their promotional video: 

PS: their video is uploaded on Youtube (lol)... a platform owned by Google. And they don't seem to quite love Google.

The Concept

I'm not an expert of projects based on cryptos and decentralization. That's why I'm asking here. But I'll just give my two cents on the topic:

I don't hate Google. I think they're a good company and, in most cases, an ethical one. I don't think they always do great things, but I like their general view of the internet.

But I understand the problem: they basically control the information on the net. A big % of them. So I can understand why a group of people may want a different solution.

Plus, their idea is very similar to the Wikipedia idea, but with a much wider decentralization. 


They've started out a "ICO-like event" named lot. They're now running the third lot. You can check out more infos about lots in their homepage here.


The Whitepaper is very clear and straightforward, and they seem to have done a lot of work. Sadly, I don't think this even compare to a 0.01% of what Google need to do each day to stay on the top of competitors (they offer free services on all niches, free education, free certificates, free datas, free everything - just to stay at the top), but those guys could actually become a serious little competitor. 

Plus, their token are now advertised on coinmarketcap, and the value of them will - in my opinion - increase on the long run when their project will become a reality.

What's your opinion? Please let me know in the comments below!

*credits for the image of Presearch are of the company itself. The image is provided on their main website

*as for the other images, let's thank Pixabay as always ;)


lets see howxthings going forcthe project.

Presearch has lots of potential

I'm happy to hear your opinion toria! :)

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