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Sense Chat is simply a better messenger

A safe, secure platform where you can chat privately with contacts and earn daily SENSE Token rewards."

Get early access to start making SENSE before everyone else, Be the first to earn cryptocurrency while chatting with friends and followers... not bots.
Always encrypted.


A better messenger

  • [x] No bots
  • [x] No spies
  • [x] No spam
  • [×] Security and encryption backed by blockchain

Earn SENSE tokens by inviting friendsUsing a peer-2-peer verification system
participating in conversationsusers can help secure the system, limit scams/spam, and spot fake accounts

Join waitlist ! CLAIM AIRDROP NOW!

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    • Go to mail & Verif
  • check your contest status and keep sharing
    • Follow account social media sense
    • share you refferal link

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