ZeroSum Partners with Leading Blockchain Based Consultancy Who's Previous Clients Represent over $3.9-Bn Combined Market Cap

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ZeroSum, a blockchain-based, fantasy trading platform announced a partnership with New Alchemy, a leading blockchain consultancy whose Blockchain Clients have achieved over $3.9-Billion in market cap combined. Their partnership, alongside partnership with strategic marketing focused Byte Media Group, will help advise and further enhance the development of their live peer-vs-peer trading platform.

“It’s well known that upwards of 70% of traders are not profitable after their first year of trading. What most people don’t realize however, is that over trading and the high-costs associated with each trade is one of the main culprits for losses,” says Lawrence Richardson II, CEO of ZeroSum.

With ZeroSum however, traders are able to enter Forex and cryptocurrency prediction competitions against other peers - rather than competing against the unfair market forces traditionally found in the markets. The platform focuses on skills and facilitates trading with zero fees - allowing users to experience, learn and test strategies.
A number of key highlights of the platform include:
● The first peer-to-peer, competitive cryptocurrency prediction platform
● Live since 2016 - facilitated 1000s of user trades & transactions
● Peer-to-peer trading competitions (no banks, high-frequency traders, unfair advantages)
● Zero trading fees - trade as much, or as little, as you would like

About ZeroSum:

ZeroSum is backed by a team with prominent development, Wall St. and investing experience. The platform has been live since 2016 and is continually expanding the platform capabilities - looking to open 3rd party API access, new prediction competitions, and adding a sentiment engine to give users an edge in identifying alpha signals.

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Super nice to see you on a Steemit platform and BIG cheers to ZeroSum.
I am in your Bounty Contest, at the moment ranked #42 with 921 entries :-)


You got, of course, my upvote and follow, Happy Steeming :-)

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